Where should a newborn baby sleep? With his parents or in his own room?

As new parents-to-be, you may have wondered where a newborn baby should sleep : in their own room or with the parents?

Each father or mother has a very different opinion, but it is the parents themselves who decide how they feel more comfortable leaving their baby at night.

According to Dr. Jesús Garrido, in an interview conducted by WebConsultas , " The issue of sleep is one of the battlefields [...] everyone starts co-sleeping, and everyone ends up sleeping alone; sooner or later, everyone they do, so all we can talk about is when we can make that transition, and whether we wait for it to happen spontaneously, or try to make it happen sooner than the child would naturally. yes only ".

Under this approach, we want to address the issue highlighting the pros and cons of the child sleeping in his room or sleeping in the same bedroom as his parents. Shall we start?

where should a baby sleep

Advantages of the baby sleeping in his own room:

  • More autonomy and independence : Having the baby sleep in another room has the advantage that it can acquire its own rhythm of sleep and rest , without interference from the parents. Which will translate into more self-confident children .
  • Coping with fear of the dark : It is normal for babies to be afraid of the dark and run to their parents' bed at night to feel safe and secure. However, this can cause them to become more fearful. If from an early age the baby sleeps alone in his room, it will make it less difficult for him to learn to face his fears when the light goes out.

Disadvantages of the baby sleeping in his own room:

  • Concern for the mother : Every time the baby demands her milk, the mother will have to go to the baby's room to breastfeed . Even when you hear a cry, the concern in case something happens to the baby will be greater. However, in these cases you can choose to have a baby monitor.
  • He will want to sleep in your bed : it is possible that a baby notices the absence of his parents. Children often go there and beg to sleep with them. It will be a difficult situation, because they will be tempted to give in to the requests of their little one.

Advantages of having the baby sleep with the parents:

  • Reduces the risk of sudden death : According to a report from the American Academy of Pediatrics , sleeping in the same bedroom during the first 6 months reduces the risk of SIDS in the baby by 50% .
  • Fall asleep more quickly : Babies, by feeling more secure and protected in the presence of their parents, tend to fall asleep more quickly. What's more, it is usually deeper and more restorative, so they are less likely to have nightmares.
  • Ease of care . Parents will be able to quickly attend to their child's requirements at any time of the night, without having to get up.

    Disadvantages of the baby sleeping with the parents:

    • Anxiety problems : Children who sleep with their parents on a regular basis and, above all, when this habit lasts over time, will have problems falling asleep when they go to stay at a friend/relative's house or in a children's camp .

    "From a psychological point of view, experts consider that parents who sleep with their children, far from protecting them from fear and insecurity, cause the opposite effect by interfering with their physical growth, as well as their independence," explain experts from the Institute . of Sleep Research .

    • Fear of the dark : Babies are often afraid of the dark and run to their parents' bed at night to feel safe and secure. But in this way they could become more fearful, which will make it more difficult for them to learn to face their fears when the light goes out.


      recommendations for the baby to sleep alone

      Here are some recommendations from Spanish pediatricians to handle the situation of moving to your own room:

      • Ask him to lie down in his room but with the door open .
      • If you don't want to sleep alone for fear of the dark, turn on a small lamp on the nightstand with dim light.
      • Avoid excessive noise.
      • Make sure he eats well before bed so he doesn't go to bed hungry.
      • If the child gets up several times because he can't sleep, talk to him, give him a glass of warm milk. Even stay with him in his room until he goes back to sleep, but don't give in to the request to let him on your bed.
      • If he cries at night, attend to him without exaggerating. It is not convenient to turn on lights, or play, although you can give him water or his pacifier. The father or mother can sit next to him, but it is better not to pick him up (unless he is sick), recommends the AEP.

        After knowing the different advantages and disadvantages of both options, we already have more evidence to assess where babies and young children should sleep in their first years of life.

        Find out when is the best time to move the baby to his own room to sleep alone .

        2 options for the baby to sleep safely in the parents' room:

        In a traditional crib or mini-crib separated from their parents' bed: This is the safest way for babies to sleep, since the baby has his own space in the crib, but in the same room as the parents.

        mini cot to sleep in the parents' room

        In a co-sleeping crib or mini-crib attached to the parents' bed: co-sleeping cribs or sidecar cribs are cribs that attach and adapt to the parents' bed. Care must be taken so that the anchors are well placed and the mattress of the parents' bed and the crib are at the same level, in order to practice safe co-sleeping with the baby . Unlike the traditional cradle, this cradle is the best option if you are breastfeeding, since it makes breastfeeding easier.

        Co-sleeping crib to sleep in the parents' room

        Here are the advantages of practicing safe co-sleeping:

        2 options for baby to sleep safely in their own room

        In a Montessori bed at ground level : this type of Montessori philosophy bed is perfect for the baby to learn to sleep alone from the start. In addition to being almost at ground level and preventing it from falling at night, they have a most original design so that the little one in the house can have a great time!

        Montessori bed for the baby to sleep alone

        In a convertible bed : after the baby's first 6 months, you can choose to move him to his own room with a convertible crib . You will feel very protected and comfortable in this type of crib, which evolves and becomes a 90x200cm youth bed.

        convertible crib for the baby to sleep alone

        From your baby's Blog, they tell you a little more about the option of sleeping with the baby in the same room .


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