Ideas to create a fun garden for children

children's teepees for garden

Outdoor time for the little ones in the house leaves magical moments full of fun and discoveries. Are you looking for ideas to create a fun garden for children? If so, keep reading because today on the Hortum blog we are going to give you the best ideas to create a fun kindergarten where the little ones can live a thousand and one adventures. Because there is nothing better than living a happy childhood in contact with the outside world in which children sharpen their skills.

Create outdoor play spaces for children

Open space games are essential for children, as they help them learn values, move freely, adapt to new situations, develop social skills and explore their limits and abilities. We tell you how to create an outdoor garden space full of entertainment for the little ones in the house.

wooden houses

wooden houses

There is no doubt that children love to imitate adults and do the same as them. Of course, in order for them to do it safely, it is necessary to have games and accessories that suit their size and age. Do you know what the best children's furniture is for children to have fun imitating their parents' activities?

Children's wooden houses are a good way for children to experience moments of fun in the garden at home. In the children's wooden cabins they will be able to experience moments of laughter and play together with their friends and siblings. Once inside, they will enter a magical universe where they can participate in different board games, read stories, play hide-and-seek, cook, and endless other recreational activities. In addition, all of them come in a kit together with an instruction manual where you will have the assembly process step by step.

There are a wide variety of models of children's wooden houses that you can choose according to your preferences. The Tom wooden house can become the perfect play area for the little ones in the house. It is a safe and durable house that has all rounded protruding wooden profiles to offer maximum security . In addition, it is available in different shades that you can choose according to the tastes of your child. And make the little ones in the home feel big and happy!

wooden swings

wooden swing

Children's swings can become your children's favorite fun place in the garden at home. You can place a wooden swing in a corner of your garden or in the very center and your children can be the happiest in the world. The swings will give them a great feeling of freedom , it will give them energy and happiness and, in addition, it will make them move their bodies and, therefore, help them in their physical form . With the wooden swings the little ones have the most fun in a safe and comfortable way.

The Mathias wooden double swing has two swings and a structure with ecological wooden poles. It is a strong, resistant and safe swing that meets all safety standards. Without a doubt, with this swing your little ones will be able to create great childhood memories for a lifetime. Also, it is very easy to install.

wooden playground

Another fun idea for children in your garden is the placement of a wooden playground. With this product you can make the little ones in the house have fun together with their friends and siblings, enjoy the outdoors and exercise.

The Merit wooden playground includes a climbing wall, wooden trellis, swing swing and rope net with knots for climbing . With this, your little ones will feel that they are in an adventure park and will disconnect as much as possible from the daily routine. And best of all, you won't have to leave the house, so your children will play safely and comfortably. In addition, its assembly is easy and fast.

wooden playground

Create outdoor rest areas

After spending long hours of gaming it is time to rest to regain strength. And why not do it in the garden? With sunny days, we feel more like doing chores outside and our little ones will be able to eat or take a nap in the garden at home with greater tranquility and peace.

relaxation area

To achieve a resting corner in your garden, a good idea is to define the area. In this way, children will be able to separate the play area from the rest area. You can place mattresses for the floor , along with a parasol to protect the little ones from the sun's rays. Another idea is that you place a cozy tent , as a quiet and pleasant refuge where the little ones can read or sleep in complete calm. And for everything to be striking for children you cannot ignore the decoration. You can place some decorative cushions or some garlands of lights .

the garden corner

If you take care of your plants and do gardening activities every day, you can do it in the company of your little ones. In the end, we all know that children love to participate in adult tasks. And what better way to do it than taking care of the garden plants! You can have them pick their favorite flowers and water them, cut off their dead leaves, etc. Taking care of the garden will be a way to make them value nature and enjoy the outdoors.

Having a garden at home is a great advantage for children to have more contact with the outside world. And it is that with these decoration ideas you can turn your garden into a place of fun where the little ones in the house live unforgettable moments with outdoor games and contact with nature.


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