Baby's fortnight at Alondra - Big discount on most of our products!

The Baby's Fortnight is here!

Having a baby is a great joy, but it also means a significant financial outlay, especially for new parents who are short of resources. That's why, for a few years now, in order to help families to face this investment, we offer an exclusive discount on baby products for a month, the so-called Baby Fortnight or Baby's month.

What's the baby's fortnight?

The Baby's Fortnight is a sales campaign in which we make an interesting discount on many of our products;) That's it! In this period of time you can get the convertible crib, the Montessori bed or the co-sleeping cot that you have been considering for a long time and you've fallen in love with ... with a super discount!

How long does the baby's fortnight last?

We keep the name "fortnight" because it's already a classic, but the fact is that the discounts are available for almost a month: from October 01st to 21st, 2021.

What discount can I get on my purchases during the baby's fortnight?

You will get none other than a great discount! If we talk about important purchases such as the baby's bedroom ... it's worth definitely!

How is the discount applied?

There are two options to choose from, to redeem the discount:

Through our ONLINE STORE

If you decide to place your Alondra order through our online shop, you need to apply the following code in the "Discount code" section of the checkout, just before confirming your order:

código descuento Alondra quincena del bebé


This way, you will get a direct discount on the total amount of your order.

Through ESPACIOS ALONDRA physical points of sale

In some points of sale, the discount is made directly, i.e. a percentage is deducted from the price that is paid directly on the receipt, and in other points of sale, it's given as a voucher to be redeemed on future purchases.

We recommend you to ask the store professional for advice and so that there is no confusion! ;)

Which items will be discounted during the baby's fortnight?

Practically all our collections will be on sale, except for the new items in the Preview 2022 catalogue and the convertible cribs already on sale.

I want to buy now to take advantage of the discount, but there is still a lot of time until I need the items ...

No problem! At Alondra we have a solution for everything ...

We have a fantastic warehouse where to carefully store your items until the moment you wish to pick them up and / or receive them. You just tell us the date you want them to be available, and we will do the necessary.

Just bear in mind that to benefit from the discount you should buy during the month of the baby's fortnight and the total amount should be paid.


Do you still have doubts?

Contact us by mail, through our social networks ... or using smoke signals if necessary!

Contacting us is very simple:

By phone: +34 965 00 25 25

By mail:

We are looking forward to serving you and we promise to always give you the best service.


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