This is how interior designers decorate twin baby rooms for boys and girls

What happiness! The couple is on the way and it is time to prepare their bedroom down to the smallest detail. Twin baby boy and girl rooms are a lot of play, so don't worry, leave the decorative blocks out and let's get down to business!

how to decorate the room for twin babies

Rooms for boy and girl twins

The decoration in rooms for twin babies can be as versatile as any other, even more. We tell you why. It all depends on the style you choose to design it and whether or not you want to differentiate personalized spaces for each boy or girl .

Being two little angels, you also have double the freedom to allow yourself to combine different styles and colors that, apart from bringing a lot of personality to the room, can create a space full of life, colors and different sensations.

Color combinations for rooms for boy and girl twins

color combination for twins room

What do you think if we start to define the space by choosing the colors of the room ?

The combinations that you can use to paint the walls of the twin room are endless. We propose a list of shades that together can create the most magical space for the room for twin babies. Keep in mind that white can go perfectly with any color you like or prefer.

  • Gray and dusty pink . This shade of pink is very fashionable in decoration. It is a very fresh and versatile color that fits with others, even if they are not neutral like gray, such as mint green.
  • Blue and white . These two colors will give a feeling of purity and neatness to the room. They are two good shades to create a minimalist space or with geometric motifs.
  • Blues and greens . You can choose to combine different shades of blue with each other, of green, also with each other, or combine any shade of blue and green that you like.
  • Blue and pink . The classic combination for boys and girls is always a good choice to fill a room with sweetness to the highest level.
  • Gray and sky blue . The good thing about neutral tones like gray is that they go perfectly with everything. Grey, being a colder color, it is interesting to combine it with another color with the same characteristics, such as blue.
  • Earth tones and yellow or orange . These three shades bring warmth to a room, so they will be ideal if this is what you want to achieve for the newborn twins' room.

Custom murals for twin newborn babies

decorative murals for children's rooms of twins

To prepare a tender and cozy atmosphere, custom murals are a great choice. Because? First of all, it is a perfect way to define each baby's space .

Secondly, because this type of decoration often requires a fairly neutral room , so that it is not too stuffy. And, when it comes to girl and girl twin babies, it is a fairly chosen option so as not to differentiate between the sexes , for example.

And, thirdly, because a beautiful and sweet mural can provide that decorative touch that you don't dare to choose in other more essential elements of the room. So, this type of decoration for the walls is always a success.

Models of cribs for twin babies

When two little angels come home together, everything necessary is doubled. The beds for the twin babies, the closets and storage space, the clothes, their things for daily cleaning...

For this reason, we believe that it is best to invest in the long term in furniture and accessories that can serve newborn twin babies and, also, for when they grow up and need more space .

For this, at Alondra we have the perfect solution, since this type of furniture is our favorite. Evolutionary and convertible cribs are our specialty , because we like moms and dads to be as happy as their babies when using our furniture.

Duplo Twin Convertible Crib

The Duplo convertible crib has two 60x120 cm cribs each, where you can keep your two little ones together and well supervised . The structure of Alondra's crib for twin babies joins the two beds together, however, you can divide them using the cot separator , available additionally.

Twin convertible crib for twins

When the little ones grow up, you can transform the cribs for twin babies into a room with two 90x200 cm beds and a double desk . In the case of wanting to separate the desks, you can divide them with the same crib separator that we told you about.

Convertible crib for twin rooms

Traditional crib 60x120

If you do not have enough space in the twins' bedroom to have a twin convertible cot, you can choose to purchase 2 individual 60x120cm cots . There are countless models and designs! With any of them you will succeed!

Twins room with 2 single 60x120 cots

Montessori bed in the shape of a cabin 70x140cm

Another option would be to furnish the twins' room with 2 Montessori beds at ground level and in the shape of an Indian hut, super fun! Can you imagine how much fun your two little ones would have in them? In addition to creating a most original and beautiful room.

At Alondra we have 2 different sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits the room: 70x140 cm Montessori house beds and 90x200 cm Montessori bed cabins for children .

Montessori beds for twin babies

Surely with a personalized and sweet decoration and good versatile and durable beds, the twin babies boy and girl will grow up in the most magical environment. Trust your decorative skills and prepare the best stay for your two little angels. It will be wonderful!


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