Children's cabin beds, the key to the room you always dreamed of for your little one

Children's cabin beds are the most fun for the little ones in the house. It is the perfect way for babies to be delighted with the time to go to sleep, since on many occasions it is a little difficult for them to decide to go to bed alone. In addition, its design based on the Montessori philosophy brings many benefits. They are all advantages!

The benefits of children's cabin beds

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The best thing about children's cabin beds, apart from their sweet and fun design, is that they promote the benefits and advantages of the Montessori philosophy . This method is based on the certainty that children are acquiring knowledge as a result of their own reasoning .

When we talk about Montessori furniture for children, we find all kinds of furniture and accessories that adapt to their needs and, above all, to their height . In this way they can interact and move around their adapted space with total freedom and safety.

The ground-level cabin beds for children will always be at their height, so that the little ones will be able to access the interior of the beds on their own . The most beneficial thing about this philosophy is that with furniture of these characteristics , the independence of babies is promoted from a very young age. It gives them the autonomy they need to lie down on their own and without help .

In addition to being beneficial, they are also safer , since if babies do get out of bed in the middle of the night , they do not have enough height to cause damage . Despite this, to reinforce that safety, without detracting from the advantages and benefits of cabin children's beds, at Alondra we have a Montessori Safety Guard bed barrier , which you can include additionally in your order.

oh! And as an extra reinforcement for the walls of the children's cabin beds, we also have the protective roller cushion for Montessori . In this case, you should choose the combination of Montessori pillows based on the size of the bed you choose.

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Learn more about Alondra's cabin protective roller cushion for children's beds and discover the keys to choosing it !

You know, if you want to be up to date in children's cabin beds and, in addition, give your little one the advantage of growing independently and autonomously, don't miss out on the Montessory Homy, Indy and Homy XL marengo beds from Alondra! You will give a super roll to the little one's room and he will have a great time!


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