6 recommendations for choosing a Montessori crib and getting the most out of it

Are you planning the arrival of the baby and don't know which crib to buy? Are you considering educating the little one in the Montessori philosophy and wondering which is the best bed to do it? The Auna de Alondra Montessori crib is the best option to adapt your baby's environment from birth.

We tell you everything you need to know to make sure that the Montessori Auna crib bed will be the best choice for your little angel. Do you want us to see it in more detail?

What should you consider when choosing a Montessori crib bed?

There are a series of requirements that a Montessori crib must meet to fulfill its function, both as a bed and as a piece of furniture based on this philosophy. For this reason, we present the keys so that your choice is the most appropriate when thinking about the best rest for the baby.

The Montessori philosophy takes three fundamental principles on which to base its application and functionality:

simplicity . A Montessori environment should be simple, above all, so that it is easy for the little one to move around and find their way around . The same goes for a Montessori crib bed, the simpler it is, the better. It will not overload the space where it is installed nor will it be excessively stimulating for the baby when it is time to sleep or interact with it.

beauty . This principle has to do with the harmony that a beautiful environment produces for the baby. If we transfer this to the rest environment of the little one or the little one, we can affirm that it will be much more pleasant and relaxing to sleep in a beautiful and delicate environment .

Order . This aspect is quite important, since it also encompasses the other two principles. An orderly space will be simple and beautiful . This will allow the baby to interact with it safely and, therefore, it will be better positioned when moving around the room. In addition, the general order will encourage the little one to be educated within this balanced sense.

Therefore, a simple and beautiful bed will always be more conducive to denote order and neatness in the baby's room.

In addition to these three requirements applicable to the Montessori crib for your baby, at Alondra we have other maxims with which we work daily:

Versatility . Furniture that is transformable is more useful , as it has a number of uses beyond its initial application. At Alondra we are experts in creating versatile and functional children's furniture, because it allows the product or, in this case, the Montessori cradle to be adapted to the different stages of growth of the baby.

This is very important to us, since we ensure a longer life for our furniture and beds and, in addition, all babies can enjoy them for much longer.

Durability . As a consequence of the above idea, Alondra's baby furniture and beds last much longer than others because they have different uses . They are designed and adapted to prolong their life over time and this allows their use to be extended in their various stages of transformation.

quality . For a Montessori crib or other piece of furniture to be versatile and durable, it must be of sufficient quality to cover all the time the baby will use it . For this reason, at Alondra we work with the highest quality materials, to guarantee that they are durable, but also very safe and that they protect babies from harm .

« Moms and dads choose Alondra for the security and confidence that our products transmit to them . One of the aspects that they value the most is the durability of our cribs, since they adapt to the growth of their babies and provide them with what they need at each stage ».

    - Eva Monfort, Alondra Community Manager -

      Discover the Auna Montessori crib and everything it can offer you

      The 70x140 cm Montessori Auna cot bed is one of Alondra's most recent novelties, and we couldn't like it more! It is a white lacquered wooden crib designed in the shape of a house so that your little one has his own palace in his room. It's pure fun!

      It is a 3-in-1 Montessori crib , that is, it has three possibilities of transformation into a single piece of furniture. First of all, it is a conventional crib that your baby can use up to approximately two years of age. It has six different bed base heights so that you can lower and raise it depending on the growth of the baby so that it is safe at all times.


      Secondly, the Auna Montessori cradle also becomes a Montessori bed at ground level . In this way, your baby will have all the independence and autonomy possible to get on and off this cool bed alone.

      Optionally, you can purchase the co-sleeping kit WCO302 to use the Auna crib as a co-sleeping crib . To do this, you must take into account the space available in the room where you are going to practice it.


      The set includes the joint strips for beds with a maximum width of 200 cm; a plank of wood to lengthen the bed base of the crib to the large bed of the parents and a supplement of foam to lengthen the baby's mattress and that there is no gap between the two spaces.

      Finally, also optionally, you can purchase a lower drawer J191 to make much more use of the space under the furniture when used as a crib or child's bed. In this way you can expand the storage areas in the little one's room.

      If you think of adapting your little one's space at home to the maximum so that everything is at their height, the Montessori Auna crib is an ideal choice. Apart from providing you with its benefits as a Montessori bed, your baby will be able to use it as soon as he arrives home as a newborn baby. In addition, it is so pretty that it will turn your days into joy and happiness!


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