How to make the most of an evolutionary crib bed up to 5 years

Still don't know the CREA DUE crib bed by Alondra? This crib will become your best ally to cover all your little one's rest needs until they are 5 years old.

crib-bed 70x140cm crea due convertible 2in1

How about? We started strong, right? We tell you all its details so you can make the most of it. With it, your little angel will experience the best rest surrounded by magic and style.

Discover the CREA DUE cot bed and everything it can offer you

The CREA DUE cot bed is a 70x140 cm evolving cot with two possibilities for initial transformation . On the one hand, it is a conventional crib with six different heights of the bed base , so that you can regulate its height depending on the months of your baby. Remember that when your little one stands up, you should use the lowest bed base height.

On the other hand, when your baby has grown enough, you can transform it into a Montessori bed at ground level . To do this, it incorporates a junior railing that is installed at the entrance of the low bed so that your little one has maximum security at bedtime.

Finally, and optionally, with the WCO300 co-sleeping kit , the CREA DUE cot bed can be used for co-sleeping . In addition, thanks to its various bed base heights, it is very easy to attach it to any type of double bed .


You know, at Alondra there is nothing we like more than feeling that our cribs and furniture are one of the most useful and durable . In this way, the purchase of the basic elements for a baby is maximized and they are not forgotten for the rest of life.

With the CREA DUE evolutionary bed you can satisfy three different stages of your little one's growth. If you choose to practice co-sleeping, you can do it until the child's first year of age. As a conventional crib, your little angel can use it up to two years old and as a Montessori bed up to five. A complete success!

What else can the CREA DUE cot bed offer me?

Starting with its design, the CREA DUE convertible crib has rounded corners so that the baby does not suffer any accidental damage if it hits the crib. In addition, this curved style intensifies its current and fresh design thanks to its three available colours: bianco, marengo and nomad , the latter with the natural finish of solid wood and with transparent varnish.

Of course, all finishes, lacquers and varnishes are non-toxic , to protect the health of your little treasure as much as possible. And it is available in two colours: CREA DUE Bianco 70x140cm cot-bed (matt lacquered) and CREA DUE Nomad 70x140cm cot-bed , in wood finish.


The best thing about a crib bed like this is that it incorporates four wheels , two with brakes and two without them. The wheels are made of metal with rubber bands incorporated, to avoid making noise when moving it and that they do not scratch or leave marks on the floor.

As regards the bed base, it is made of slats so that both the mattress and the interior of the crib always have perfect ventilation. We are in everything!

You no longer have an excuse! With the CREA DUE cot bed you will get the most out of it and you will be able to offer your little one an ideal and lasting rest. He will be able to grow loving his environment and will be the perfect ally to prepare his transition to the older bed. A genius!


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