Why are rattan lamps preferred by interior designers to decorate baby rooms?

Baby rattan ceiling lamp

Rattan furniture is one of the trends most chosen by interior designers when designing and decorating a home. Something that cannot be missing in this type of decoration are rattan lamps . And at Alondra we have one of the most beautiful natural rattan specimens for your baby's room!

Take the little one's bedroom to another level with our rattan ceiling lamp. At Alondra we have expanded our catalog to be up to date and we have many more natural rattan products for you to create a fresh, magical space with retro touches in the baby's room.

Rattan decoration for baby's room

Rattan lamp for baby's room

Lighting is a basic and essential element in any room in the house, however, it can be the perfect complement so that a space gives off magic and warmth everywhere. The latest trends point towards furniture and accessories with natural fibers, such as rattan.

This type of material is also highly chosen by decoration professionals to create children's rooms with a very sweet vintage touch . Natural fibers have the power to achieve children's rooms with a lot of charm and personality. Its tones and texture bring a lot of warmth to the baby's bedroom, and this is something essential in this room of the house.

The little ones need to be surrounded by the best to provide them with optimal rest and the most special experiences in their first years of life. And what better than a decoration that brings together all these possibilities?

Apart from providing a lot of sweetness and charm to the baby's room, natural rattan is perfect for combining with other styles and, above all, many colours! What becomes a perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild when decorating your room.

Create a beautiful and cozy atmosphere with the Alondra rattan lamp. It's so cute!

Alondra's rattan lamp belongs to the new 2022 wicker and rattan collection and is one of the accessories that we incorporate into our catalog so that your little one's rattan room does not miss a single detail! Although, let us tell you that it is so pretty that it will look great anywhere in the house 😉.

Rattan lamps to decorate the baby's room

For its design we have been inspired by the shape of a flower , so that, apart from warmth, it will provide a lot of sweetness to your little angel's room. It has a rather open concept, that is, it resembles the shape of an umbrella or a parasol. This will give a very relaxed touch to the bedroom .

It is made of natural rattan, one of the most resistant vegetable fibers . Furthermore, as it is a natural and ecological raw material, there will hardly be two identically identical rattan lamps. This is because each fiber is different , for this reason the finish and color may vary. But that's the most beautiful thing about natural rattan ceiling lamps!

Now you know how to achieve a cosy, natural and fresh atmosphere in the little one's bedroom. Get inspired by the decoration ideas for the baby's room with natural fibers and add the Alondra rattan lamps to bring all the sweetness and warmth to the room. It sure looks perfect!


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