Where to buy Alondra children's furniture in Madrid

If you have a baby on the way and you are looking for where to buy everything you need to furnish your future children's room, you have found your Childcare store in Madrid .

In the El Último Koala store, they are specialists in the best products for babies: rear-facing seats, ergonomic carrying, baby carriages, childcare... In addition, they have the entire Alondra 2022/2023 catalog to show you and all the necessary training to offer you fully specialized advice so that the decision to choose the best crib for the baby is the right one!

The Last Koala baby store in Madrid where to buy Alondra

Do you want to know what are the keys to choosing the best crib for your baby , according to your needs? Find out in this post!

Where to buy Alondra furniture in Madrid

Alondra baby store in Madrid

In a city like Madrid, where we have a wide range of baby stores, it is difficult to choose which one to visit, right? From Alondra we want to recommend the El Último Koala store, which has two Childcare stores where you can buy Alondra Madrid furniture and online .

One of the stores is located in Atocha and the other in Pradillo, both with a large display of the best brands of baby cribs , such as Alondra. In addition, they are in charge of advising you to choose the co-sleeping crib that best suits your needs and those of the baby, as well as making personalized birth lists for future parents. What are you waiting for to visit them? They will take great care of you!

The Alondra partner network is made up of more than 150 physical points of sale, spread throughout the national territory. You can take a look at other childcare stores in Madrid where you can buy Alondra: www.espaciosalondra.com


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