Children's furniture: the importance of design and adaptability

Alondra's children's furniture offers solutions for children's rooms, providing you with everything you need to create unique spaces for them. In addition, not only do they offer quality as well as design, but they also adapt to the growth and maturity of the child, accompanying them from birth to adolescence. But how is it possible? Thanks to the creative proposals of our designers, Alondra's children's furniture offers solutions as intelligent as converting the crib into a bed and a desk, with a small table and book shelf. In this way, the same piece "grows" as the child, to offer a radical change to the children's bedroom, going from a baby's room to a child's room (crib with junior railing and optional toy ladder) and, later, to a stylish youth bedroom. Or what is the same, the crib with large drawers and changing area will be transformed into an attractive and functional set of bed, bedside table, study table and book shelf. You can see more details of our convertible cribs at the following link: see Alondra convertible cribs .

But not only convertible cribs have these characteristics, baby bath furniture also transforms into comfortable drawers (with or without wheels). Thus, the same piece of furniture can serve as a chest of drawers and a bathtub for the baby's toilet and then, when this function is no longer needed, be useful as a chest of drawers with 4 large drawers to store the child's little things.

Baby changing tub furniture

Another option that parents also like very much are the 60x120cm and 70x140cm baby cribs that can be converted into a junior bed or a desk. At Alondra we offer you a wide variety of models and possibilities so that you can find the children's furniture that best suits your needs. You can see our entire catalog of cribs at the following link: see Alondra cribs .

Baby cots 60x120cm and 70x140cm

On the other hand, the keys so that the furniture can last for years in perfect condition are: quality of the materials in the first place together with an adequate mounting and anchoring system. In addition to, as we have previously mentioned, the choice of timeless, neutral designs with a minimalist air that never go out of style.

Design and adaptability of children's furniture, these are the main objectives of, to offer the best solutions to our customers.

Finally, it should be noted that, to guarantee the maximum safety, durability and functionality of our furniture, we use quality materials and guarantees, lacquered with non-toxic products and, always complying with the regulations. For example, for our bed bases, we use solid pine slats or wooden boards (depending on the convertible crib model). And, for greater resistance, we use metal structures, safe and stable. And how do we manage to increase the functionality of baby furniture? In addition to being convertible, we try to take advantage of even the smallest corner for storage or other solutions. A couple of examples? The lower part of our convertible cribs and children's beds is completed with drawers or a trundle bed (in the 70x140cm convertible crib models) for visitors.

Convertible crib with lower drawers
Convertible crib bed with trundle bed

Also, for when the baby is between 2 and 5 years old, you can use the ladder-toy box to access the bed, which has enough space to store the baby's toys.

Crib convertible bed in room

We hope you liked these tips on children's furniture. You can obtain more information about baby furniture and children's decoration elements on our website: or visit any of our distribution stores


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