Fundamental aspects that define a good crib

Babies sleep for many hours and it is vitally important that they rest well. The baby crib fulfills a fundamental role and must have a series of fundamental requirements for it to be so. Parents can opt for mini-cribs or co-sleeping cribs during the first months, but cribs are also used from the beginning, whose technical characteristics are essential.

Baby crib

Parents can currently find a wide variety of cribs: 60x120cm cribs and 70x140cm cribs . Alondra's 60×120 cribs are smaller and incorporate wheels, so it is really convenient to move the crib from one place. Regarding the 70x140cm cribs, in the case of Alondra, these cribs are evolutionary and become a 70×140 bed or a desk, so that children can use it for much longer. Opt for evolutionary cribs in an option that is increasingly in demand by parents.

Evolution cot bed 70x140cm

When choosing the most suitable crib for the baby, special attention must be paid to protection and, in this sense, the railings are essential. According to European regulations , these bars must have a separation that oscillates between 4.5 and 6.5 centimeters. This distance is very important, so that the little one cannot put his limbs between them. Its height must be at least 60 centimeters so that the baby can stand up freely without fear of falling. Make sure that the bars are smooth so that the little one grips with the greatest protection without hurting himself.

One of the fundamental parts of the crib is the bed base, which must be rigid and non-deformable, so that the baby develops normally. There are different types of bed base and each of them must have a series of fundamental properties. Wire mesh bed frames tend to give way, so they must be of good quality. The wooden slats, for their part, do not deform or at least it is difficult, in addition, they guarantee magnificent support. There are bed bases that are equipped with a single wooden board, and this must be robust enough to support the weight of the child without problems.

As for the mattress, it is necessary that it be comfortable and rigid, but at the same time it must adapt to the movements of the child. A soft mattress is not suitable, because it is not convenient for the baby's body to give in with its weight. The mattresses can be synthetic, natural or spring fiber. As for its thickness, it all depends on age. Newborns rest best on mattresses that are three to four centimeters in contour, while mattresses that are six centimeters are suitable for children of 2 or 3 years.

Crib materials must have certain properties to ensure the safety of the child. In this way, they must not be toxic or irritating, and they must resist corrosion. Normally, the materials used in the manufacture of cradles are wood, metal and paint that, of course, must be non-toxic. In Alondra we have as a novelty paints with matt finishes that give the furniture an exclusive and modern air.

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