Tips for creating charming children's rooms

Are you expecting the arrival of a baby? If so, you may already be thinking about what the room that the little one will use for many years of his life will be like. However, you may have small doubts while you design your child's room, such as: what colors to use? What baby crib or bed to buy? How to decorate the room? If so, with these tips we will try to stop you from worrying! Well, we are here to give you all the help you need. As? In a very simple way. These five tips will help you choose and get your children's room right so that it can serve you for a long time. Let's see what tips we bring you to choose and decorate children's rooms .

1. Convertible cribs If you want the baby's bed to last you many years, your option is undoubtedly convertible cribs. This type of crib convertible into a bed will serve as a crib for up to 5 years and after that, as a complete youth room. You must bear in mind that when acquiring a piece of furniture that you are going to use for so many years, it is essential to pay attention and make sure that the quality and resistance of the piece of furniture offer all the guarantees. In addition to, of course, you must provide that its dimensions are adequate for your little one's children's room. At Alondra we have two different sizes of convertible cribs (60×120 cm and 70×140 cm convertible into a 90×200 cm bed) so that they can be adapted to all types of rooms.

Charming baby rooms

If what you prefer are traditional baby cribs, you can choose to create the children's room of your dreams with 60x120cm cribs or 70×140 evolving baby cribs, with a matching wardrobe and children's chest of drawers.

2. Children's lamps One of the best ways to brighten up and give a unique touch to the baby's room is to place children's lamps that are beautiful and give enough light so that the little one is not afraid at night. A good option are lamps in the shape of a star, moon or circles that let light pass through their multiple die-cut stars.

lamps for charming children's rooms

3. Coat racks and meters . Another detail that never hurts in children's rooms are the coat racks and meters. Some useful decoration items and also, children love to play with them. In the children's coat racks, you can place the backpack and the child's clothes and in the meters, check how much he has grown each day.

4. Colour . If something helps to create the most charming atmosphere in your baby's room, it is the color of the walls. The ideal is to create a warm and pleasant environment with soft, neutral and light tones. But if you want to create a room that is more fun and full of vitality, you can always create contrasts with more vivid tones, either by playing with the color of the walls or with the color of the children's furniture. As a recommendation, always try to keep the balance with the colors. The good thing about painting and decorating the walls is that you always have at hand to change it so that it is more in line with the age and stage of the baby.

5. Children's vinyl- Finally, if you want to decorate the children's room and create a unique environment, a good option is to use decorative vinyl. You have a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from. In addition, it is a very simple way to use and change whenever you want.

We hope you liked these tips on how to create charming children's rooms !

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