Baby cribs and mini cribs: when functionality and comfort are essential

Convertible co-sleeping cribs are a novelty these days and more and more mothers are opting for this option to sleep with their babies every day. Mini cribs are specially designed for babies up to 6 months. They are the best crib option for babies since they are specially made for their size and offer unparalleled comfort to the little ones. This year we have the new INBORN CRIB by Alondra 3 in 1: it is a mini-cradle, co-sleeping crib and desk at the same time. The perfect 3 in 1!

crib inborn crib Alondra

Once the baby passes to the next phase, it is best to transfer it to its baby crib. At Alondra we have 60×120 cm cribs, which have wheels with a safety brake to make it easier to move them from one place to another. And also 70×140 cm convertible cots, which are very functional for longer use. These are convertible into a junior bed or children's desk. The 70×140 cm baby cots also have the advantage that, being larger, babies feel much more comfortable when sleeping in it.

Each of Alondra's baby cribs have different bed base heights, so that mothers have more comfort when putting the baby in it. In addition, it has a lower position, ideal for when the little one begins to grow, so that it does not escape from the crib or fall. This is essential for the child's safety and undoubtedly offers parents a lot of peace of mind.

In addition, all our baby cribs are meticulously crafted to provide maximum comfort, not only for babies, but also for their parents. For this reason, they have an extra lower height, to make their access easier. A clear example is Alondra's KURVE crib : designed to provide maximum comfort with a special lower height, just 86.4 centimeters.

premium kurve cradle Alondra

Without a doubt, it is very important for a baby to feel comfortable in the place where it rests and grows every day. We know that this is the case and that is why we work to design the best cribs on the market, which will make babies and their parents happy, as they are designed for both. Our baby cribs are made so that they are not only comfortable, but also functional and durable. The best option for your baby to grow up in a place of incomparable comfort, enjoy while playing and also, your rest is so restful that you feel well-being throughout the day. Every parent knows it: if our children are happy, we are happy.

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