Baby cribs: history, development and evolution

Babies for their care need all kinds of objects. One of the main ones is the crib, in which they will sleep and rest from their first days until they reach the maximum age of 3 years and move to a little bed. The fashion in baby cribs is very varied, the models, materials and designs that can be found are many and have evolved a lot until today.
Let's see a bit of the history and evolution of one of the most important objects in the first years of the little ones in the house.


Baby cribs are structures that date back a little over two centuries and were specially created to be the bed of the little ones in the house. These have evolved over time, but their main feature, which is having side rails to prevent falls, has remained almost unchanged, along with a soft and comfortable interior.
Currently it is not known for sure where or the exact date that the first cradle was created. What has been verified is that the models that started these were made on an iron base with semicircular feet that allowed it to sway and thus make babies fall asleep faster. To this day, there are wooden co-sleeping cribs , among others.

What crib model is the most suitable for my baby? What types of baby cribs are there? What difference is there between one type of evolutionary cradle or another? In the following post we are going to explain and try to help you with all the questions you may have about baby cribs .

Development and evolution of cribs

Cribs have evolved over the years, market demands, styles, regulations have changed and a wide variety of materials such as metal, plastic, steel have also been added to their manufacture, without leaving behind the traditional wood. One of the first incorporations that was made in the cribs of the last century was the canopy, a kind of ornament that is placed on the cribs to protect children from mosquitoes, light or also as a decorative accessory.

Currently, the models that can be found are very varied and different from the more classic cribs. For example, we can find modern, minimalist designs with elegant lines. Other more colorful and brightly colored models and other cribs with more childish motifs. There are also several sizes to choose from (60×120 or 70×140 cm cribs) and cribs that incorporate different innovations to make them more practical and functional. A clear example is the 60×120 cm cribs , more compact in size, which incorporate wheels to easily move them around the house.

C150 cot 60x120 cm

The 70×140 cm cribs are usually convertible into a junior bed or a desk, larger and more comfortable baby cribs and also really functional.

cot-bed 70x140 cm

And finally, convertible cribs have entered the market with force, another innovative crib model that adapts to the growth stages of the child. These are cribs that can be converted into beds, with a drawer table and, generally, with a children's desk. In short, the perfect all-in-one for your baby. At Alondra we consider them a long-term solution!

Alondra convertible crib

For the first months of the baby's life, the best option is to opt for mini-cradles . There are several types, with different structures and features, but all are suitable for the newborn thanks to their smaller size and weight than a conventional crib. Currently, the demand for co-sleeping mini-cribs has grown a lot. It is a mini crib without one of its sides to be able to settle next to the parent's bed and practice co-sleeping safely. And, in addition to being safe and functional, Alondra's new INBORN CRIB mini co-sleeping cot becomes a mini cot on wheels (from 0 to 6 years) and then a children's desk (+2 years). An ideal children's furniture that grows with your baby.

Alondra co-sleeping crib

Baby cribs have evolved, but regardless of the model or material, they still retain the object of providing comfort to the rest of the little ones. When choosing, it is only a matter of selecting the one that best suits your needs, has the design and color that you like best and has the most suitable quality and resistance for your baby.

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