Interior designer tips for decorating small baby rooms

Order and distribution in small children's bedrooms is very important. If you have a small baby's room and you don't know how to distribute and decorate it, in the following post you will find some very useful advice from EQUO, Arquitectura y Diseño , one of our interior designer collaborators in Madrid who recently furnished and decorated a baby's room . We hope they serve as a guide to decorate the room of your future little angel 😉

At Alondra, in addition to working with specialized childcare stores, we also work with interior designers. And because? Because they are the ones who are going to be able to provide you with that unique advice on the topic of decoration that your baby's room needs.

These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself and take into account when furnishing and decorating a small children's room :

  1. How many meters is the room?
  2. Do you have natural light?
  3. Do you have a built-in wardrobe?

We have made sure that in this post you have all the answers to all your questions to assemble, decorate and organize your little angel's room .

Essential furniture to furnish small baby rooms

If we know that we have limited space in the baby's bedroom, the first thing that should be done is a selection of what really needs to be included in it. So, we are going to do a little review of the furniture that cannot be missing in your newborn's room:

The cradle or mini cradle

Super essential! One of the elements that will have the greatest prominence is, without a doubt, the crib. It will be the main purchase that you will have to make , as it will become your baby's place of refuge during its first 3 years.

Whether you opt for a 60x120 crib , a co-sleeping crib or a convertible crib , you will have to take into account that it meets minimum safety and comfort criteria that favor the rest of the baby.

If you want to know which crib would be the best for your baby, visit our post Guide to choosing the best crib for the baby !

The dresser-changer

Well yes, we know that it is not the most pleasant thing in the world, but babies also relieve themselves. Don't be scared, but you are going to change your baby's diaper an average of 6 times a day. Multiplied by 365 days, in one year you will have completed this task approximately 2,400 times😅 That is why you are going to need an ally by your side to make this task as comfortable and bearable as possible . You are going to need a changing table!

It is preferable to buy one that can be removed and put on and use it on top of a chest of drawers. Take a look at our baby changing tables . You can even opt for a bathtub-changing table to put it in the bathroom (if it is spacious and allows it).

The nursing chair

Apart from the crib and changing table, a nursing chair will also be necessary to make feeding the baby more comfortable.

Look for an armchair that is beautiful and timeless, so that you can later use it in any room in the house.

tips for decorating a small baby room

Campaign Discover how to choose the best nursing rocking chair .

Tips for decorating a small baby room

Ok, perfect, we are already clear about the furniture that we are going to need, yes or yes, in a baby's room. Now comes the most important thing. Something that usually worries us when we are going to furnish a room is the available space, especially in the baby's room, which is usually the smallest.

It may seem that placing all the furniture in it is an impossible mission, however, there are several tricks that can help us solve space problems.

Alondra advises you

Space problems will multiply as the child grows, which is why it is very important that the room adapt to their growth rate . You have to take into account what kind of furniture and accessories can last longer.

1 What colors are the most suitable for a small baby room?

If the room is small , avoid using dark and strident colors on the walls , as they will eat up the light. According to color psychology, bright colors often overload the space and affect the baby's mood.

Bet on neutral and light tones to provide tranquility and well-being . It even adds some color detail. White furniture makes the space lighter and its timelessness makes it durable.

“The white color is recommended if the baby's room is very small and does not have natural light. This color makes the space bigger, giving a greater feeling of spaciousness”

Pepi Ruano – Decorator Equo Interior Design

If you think that the room can be bland all in white, you can choose to place themed murals or wallpaper on one of the walls (for example, on the wall where the crib is). It is becoming very fashionable, and with good reason!

2 What crib should I choose to furnish a small baby room?

The shortage of meters is no longer a problem. Compact, evolutionary furniture with a large storage capacity are some of the keys to making the most of space. That's right, you can make use of cribs that become beds with changing tables that evolve into desks...

Alondra advises you

When planning your baby's room, think about the future. The ideal is to look for functional and useful furniture that offers multiple solutions depending on the age of the child.

The versatile and evolving furniture will help you keep everything in order. Bet on one of our convertible cribs . In the same compact piece of furniture you will have the crib and the dresser-changer. In the market you will find various sizes and with different characteristics. At Alondra in particular we have 2 sizes: 60x120cm and 70x140cm.

In the 70x140cm convertible crib , in addition to the crib, chest of drawers and changing table, it also incorporates a shelf on the side and on the top. In addition, in the lower part you can choose if you want it with 2 drawers for more storage, or an extra trundle bed. As the baby grows, it can be converted into a 70x140cm children's bed and, later, into a 90x20cm bed, a desk, a 3-drawer table and a book shelf with wheels.

For very small baby rooms we recommend the 60x120cm convertible crib . Although its conversion is not as complete as the 70x140cm one, it can be used for a long time. It will become a 90x200cm bed and a desk with a drawer.

Alondra advises you

Take a good look at the measurements of the crib assembled , disassembled and with the drawers/trundle bed open (in the case of the 70 crib). The crib occupies the same as a 90 youth bed .

3 What is the best distribution to furnish a small baby room?

The layout of the furniture is a key factor to think about. It is necessary to define from the beginning where we will place the sleeping area, the play area, the personal care area and the storage area.

It is important that the crib has its own corner. It does not necessarily have to be placed on the longest side parallel to the wall. It can be placed perpendicular. Ideally, the crib should be in plain sight as soon as you enter the room. If possible frontal (in the case of more square and horizontal rooms). It will give a feeling of spaciousness. In the case of the narrowest and narrowest rooms, the crib should be at one end.

Organization tips:

  1. Everything you need (clothes, creams, diapers, etc.) must be at hand and in sight to locate everything the first time.
  2. You can use decorative elements that also serve as storage. Like, for example, shelves or storage boxes on the wall, colony baskets and even bags to store toys .
  3. The ideal would be to create a play area in another room to avoid accumulation of toys and clutter the space.
  4. Less is more . It is better not to load the room too much and more if it is small.

Other characteristics to take into account when decorating a small baby room :

  • Do not abuse childish motives . Although children's motifs can make the baby's room a very beautiful and cute place, it is good to keep in mind that it will become obsolete in a short time as the baby grows.

Ideas for small baby rooms

We leave you some ideas to decorate a small baby room that we hope will inspire you! ;)

Small baby room with convertible cribBaby room with cot and nursing chairBaby room with large convertible cribBaby room with crib and chest of drawersChildren's bedroom with evolving crib and matching wardrobeChildren's room with small convertible crib

See you soon! :)


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