Co-sleeping cribs: closeness, safety and functionality, its main advantages

The stage that babies and their mothers live during the first months together is really special. The physical bond that they have maintained throughout the pregnancy contributes to creating affective bonds that are difficult to match. Once the baby is born, a key element to facilitate this family intimacy are the co-sleeping cribs , an ideal solution for both the child and the mothers. They also allow the father to participate in these special moments full of tenderness and closeness with his baby. In fact, more and more men are taking a more active role in raising babies and are beginning to discover the wonderful experience of their babies' first year of life.

Practice co-sleeping in the double bed

Psychology has highlighted the fundamental role of closeness, so that babies grow up happy and balanced, in addition to also having an important learning function. In this way, children who develop an adequate attachment during their childhood will be adults capable of establishing healthy and satisfactory affective relationships.

Practice co-sleeping with a crib attached to the bed

This attachment is an instinctive feeling that creates an important bond between the child and his closest reference figures and that the baby develops during his first months of life. Co-sleeping cribs and wooden co-sleeping cribs make this physical proximity possible between the baby and the parents thanks to the fact that they are specially designed and prepared to sleep next to the baby from the first day in a completely safe way. How is it achieved? Taking advantage of the fact that one of the sides of the crib is not fixed and can be easily removed to join the large bed on that side. In this way, the co-sleeping crib becomes an extension of the parents' double bed, where the newborn can rest every night feeling the closeness of their parents at all times. But, how to make sure that the co-sleeping crib is fully attached to the large bed? The advantage offered by Alondra's INBORN CRIB co-sleeping crib, in addition to its minimalist design capable of adapting to any type of environment, is that it has 5 different heights of the bed base that allow parents to ensure that the height of the co-sleeping crib is It will be exactly the same as the height of the double bed, being able to practice safe co-sleeping with the baby. In this way, there will be no steps between the two mattresses and comfort will be maximum.

Co-sleeping crib with easy-extraction railing

The fundamental advantage of wooden co-sleeping cribs is that they guarantee the proximity of the baby while allowing them to have their own space. There are more and more voices that defend co-sleeping, a form of parenting that is committed to closeness, so that parents and babies sleep together. The only possible objection is the safety of the baby when sleeping together with his parents, and this point is solved with this ingenious solution, since the natural wood co-sleeping crib offers the little one a comfortable and safe place, close to his parents. Thus, if the child wakes up crying during the night, he will not feel alone, since he will notice the proximity of his family. This helps the child develop a secure attachment, providing confidence and well-being. On the other hand, it is also ideal for breastfeeding, since the mother does not have to get out of bed to go to the crib, but is attached to the bed itself.

In addition, Alondra's INBORN CRIB 3in1 co-sleeping crib offers all of this plus a long-term solution. Since it is a mini-crib, co-sleeping mini-crib and later, from the age of 2, it can become a children's desk. The perfect solution to cover the different needs of each stage.

Convertible evolutionary co-sleeping cribs

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