The best cribs that can be converted into beds for children with style

Transformable cribs have the great advantage of adapting to the age and growth of the little ones in the house. This gives them a much longer period of use and, therefore, more benefits compared to other cribs that only serve a few months of the baby.

If you are thinking of a crib that can be converted into a bed for your little angel, stay, because we bring you two of our favorite models. At Alondra we have expanded our convertible crib models and we want you to fall in love with them as much as we do 😍.

ÉPOCA 2-in-1 transformable crib 70x140 cm

3in1 transformable crib with classic style

As you know, a good crib that can be converted into a bed must have different stages of transformation to give the baby what it needs in each phase of its growth . Today we bring you one of Alondra's most recent news, so we officially present it to you 😉.

The ÉPOCA transformable crib is a real cutie. If you are thinking of giving a more classic style to the baby's room, this bed is perfect for it. It has a very particular design that gives it all the tenderness and sweetness in the world! With its curved details, but with the simplicity that so characterizes Alondra's beds .

One of the innovations of this model is the padded headboard on one of the sides. This detail gives it an exquisite celestial touch that will make you think that your baby is sleeping among soft and very soft clouds. The padding is made of leatherette and has a perfect ivory color to give a sensation of luminosity to the little one's beautiful room.

If you loved its design, wait for us to tell you about all its features and possibilities.

It is a crib that can be transformed into a 70x140 cm child's bed , that is, it has the perfect dimensions so that your little one can use it up to five years of age . So that you can adapt it well to its age, it has six different bed base heights . In this way, you can raise or lower it to protect it as much as possible and it cannot escape 😉.

If you are thinking of co-sleeping, thanks to the WCO302 co-sleeping kit available , you will be able to do so without any problem. This set includes some connecting strips for beds with a maximum width of 200 cm, a wooden plank to lengthen the bed base of the transformable crib to the large bed and a foam supplement so that there is no gap between the baby's bed and the bed. of the parents

Finally, when the little one turns two years old, you can transform the crib into a beautiful children's bed . As? The system is very simple. By removing the railing and adding the junior barrier that it includes, the little one will be able to get on and off his or her bed alone. This barrier will also protect you from unexpected falls during the night. So, it's a super safe little bed!

oh! We also want to tell you that the bed base is made of slats, specifically designed so that the mattress is perfectly ventilated at all times. When we talk about babies, this is a very important aspect, since they spend many hours in their bed sleeping like little angels. In addition, thanks to this type of bed base, the interior of the crib that can be transformed into a bed will always be properly ventilated. At Alondra we think of everything!

Co-sleeping and Montessori Omni XL 70x140 cm crib

Convertible crib 70x140 into a desk

Next, we go from a classic style to a more modern and minimalist one. The OMNI XL convertible cot bed responds to this particularity. This crib has been with us longer than the previous one, however, thanks to its smooth and current design, it doesn't go out of style , even if you insist on it 😉.

It will be perfect if you want to recreate a more open and simple environment in the bedroom of your little treasure. Its straight lines manage to add neatness and simplicity to the rest area, leaving more possibilities for a colorful and diverse decoration in the rest of the room.

The 70x140 cm OMNI XL co-sleeping and Montessori crib is a 6-in-1 bed . This means that you have six different transformation possibilities in a single piece of furniture. Yes Yes! What you read! It reaches all these stages of the baby's growth to offer him everything he needs at all times and, thus, you can considerably extend the useful life of the crib.

You can use this transformable crib as a conventional one, co-sleeping crib, children's bed, sofa, Montessori bed at ground level and, finally, as a desk . To use it for co-sleeping, you must purchase the OMNI XL co-sleeping kit . In the same way, for children's beds, Montessori and sofas, you must also add the children's barrier to your order.

If we are proud of something at Alondra, it is being able to boast of the different designs and styles of our little beds, especially these two transformable cribs that you have just met. With them your baby will sleep like a little angel and, in addition, you can use them in a thousand ways to give it the greatest possible use. They are a true fantasy!

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