How to choose the best duvet for a children's bed?

In winter, the children's duvet cover will become the perfect complement for your son or daughter to rest better and not get cold at night.

The duvet covers with filling have become a very important option for children's and young people's bedrooms because they are light, breathable, insulate very well from the cold and are able to maintain a constant temperature. In addition, they are very comfortable and practical for your little one to make the bed every day ;)

In this article you will find some tips on how to choose the right children's duvet cover, based on the materials, design and, above all, your needs. Read on and find the perfect duvet!

Tips for choosing the perfect children's duvet cover for your child's bed

We know how difficult it can be to choose the bedding for your child's room. Especially if your little one wants to have a child themed bedroom and you want a more neutral and durable style.

Here are a few tips that we think will help you choose the perfect children's duvet cover for your child's room.

  • Choose the right size: This is one of the questions many parents ask themselves when buying bed linen... Will this size fit my child's bed? When choosing the right size duvet for your child's bed, it's best to have a margin of 30 to 50 centimetres on each side of the bed. As an example, if you have a 90x200 cm mattress, you will need a duvet cover of 155 x 250 cm. Like this duvet cover bed 200.
        • Find the best materials: Cotton is the best material to keep your little one warm at night. As it is in contact with the skin, it is important to choose a material free of synthetics, to avoid possible allergies and chafing on the skin of the little one. A cotton cover will allow the duvet to breathe properly and, consequently, will not retain moisture. In addition, cotton is very grateful when it comes to washing it.
        • The grammage is important: it is important to choose a children's duvet cover with removable filling, as this way you will be able to wrap your child during the coldest winter nights, thanks to the filling. And, on the other hand, you can use it in summer by removing the filling and obtaining a fine duvet. At Alondra we have light duvet fillings (between 175 and 250 g/m²) that are perfect for temperatures between 18 and 22º.
        • Go for the perfect design: timeless, neutral colours and designs will never go out of fashion, so you will be able to use your youth duvet covers for a long time to come. At Alondra we have created neutral yet carefree designs, so you can decorate your child's room in the most elegant and fun way.

        In all our toodler beds and Montessori beds, you can choose the duvet cover 90 of the textile collection that you like, which includes the filling. In the following video we tell you everything you need to know to wash it and how to do it.

        The accessories are important for your duvet or duvet cover to look its best. In this sense, children's cushions, in different sizes and colours, can be a great ally: their rest will be unbeatable!

        And now that you know how to choose a duvet to make your children's bed much more comfortable (and beautiful), which one do you choose? Surely with this inspiration you will know how to choose the best and most suitable model for your little treasure.

        If you haven't yet dared to change from the cot to the adult bed, at Alondra you will also find duvet covers in sizes 60x120cm and 70x140cm, such as this 120x60 cot duvet cover.


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