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Because life is something that happens while you make other plans ...

As this is not a fairy tale, there are times when unforeseen circumstances occur and you have to make a return. Do not panic! At Alondra we have solutions for almost everything ;)

You have 14 calendar days to make any exchange or return.

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If you enjoy face-to-face interaction and shopping at a traditional brick-and-mortar, Alondra has also thought of you. You go to a store, look, touch, compare, and a lovely shop assistant answers all your questions. We carefully select our retailers, so that each "Alondra Experience Store" is a place where you will feel at complete ease.


Find your nearest Alondra stockist!



You will not only find a wide selection of our childcare products, but also the professional advice you need and the best customer service:

1. They will greet you with a smile.

2. They will be pleased to answer all your questions.

3. They will not recommend you to buy anything that you do not need.

4. They will honestly advise you (according to your situation, values and taste) on the right Alondra product for your family.

5. And if we don't have it, they will also tell you. Although that hardly ever happens ;)

Sounds good, right? At Alondra we want our retailers' stores to be a place you don't want to leave. And we strive to make it happen. So come and check it out for yourself.

Customised product
for spare parts service

Item or set custom order for: spare parts service, spare parts, or additional furniture accessories. Before purchasing this item please contact us in order to provide you with an exact quotation for your purchase.

This item for the specified price, correspond to a customised item or set for the service of any: accessory, hardware, spare parts, or small materials.

Let us know the parts you need to solve any issue you may have had with any of the Alondra's products. There are other items, similar to this one at other prices, with which you can complete the total amount of the budget that we have provided you with.

Before adding this item to your shopping cart, please contact us using the contact form or by sending an email to so that we can provide you with a personalised quote for your request and indicate the specific amount you should select for this kind of item

When validating the purchase, you should indicate the corresponding budget number or details that we have provided in the budget in the order comments section (shopping cart). Should you have any question, please contact us calling at +34 966 457 290 or sending us an email.