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"We design with people in mind […] Our goal is to help mothers and fathers in raising their babies, since we are aware of the challenges that this implies", Eva Monfort, head of the Digital Marketing department. is a online store dedicated mainly to the manufacture of children's furniture. They began as a workshop for making children's garments and, thanks to their tenacity and trajectory, today they take their children's rooms to more than 50 countries around the world. Today we speak with the head of the Digital Marketing department, Eva Monfort, to learn everything about this company.

For those people who don't know you, what is Alondra and what does she do?

Alondra is a small family business from Alicante manufacturer of children's furniture, crib textiles and decoration for baby rooms. It was born in the 70s as a workshop for children's clothing and textile products for babies. In 1985 it was established as ALONDRA INFANTIL SL and specialized in the design of children's furniture and evolutionary cribs, providing practical and functional solutions to parents and children.

At what point did you decide to set up an online store for children's furniture? What was it that motivated you to do it?

The philosophy with which the Alondra online store was born is that of support and encourage, from the beginning, to all the physical points of sale "Espacios Alondra". We have merged proximity trade with online sales channels offering our consumers the possibility of mixing both procedures when making a purchase.

On the one hand, customers can start their purchase online and finish it at a physical point of sale. And, on the other, we offer the possibility of initiating the transaction at a physical point of sale "Espacios Alondra" that helps the consumer from the first moment to, finally, make the purchase online from the comfort of home, choosing a point of sale.

This way of approaching the business helps the customer, but also the local businesses that suffer the consequences of COVID-19 and the low birth rate in Spain. That is what motivated us to anticipate the launch of the online store, in June of last year.

What would you say are the most important milestones or moments in Alondra's career?

On 1999After 15 years manufacturing textile articles for babies, we began our trajectory in the world of children's furniture, preparing our first collection of cribs, dressers and accessories, which we presented at the childcare fair in Valencia in the year 2000 with enormous success and acceptance. This is the most important milestone in Alondra's career.

In the year 2008, we moved, we inaugurated our current headquarters in Beniarbeig (Alicante), with a building with spacious and modern offices, with the latest technologies and a logistics center for storage and distribution.

That's when our starts international expantion and we participate in the most important childcare fair in the world Kind & Jugend in Cologne, Germany, from where our brand begins to expand throughout the world. We currently export 55% of our production to more than 50 countries, mainly to countries in Europe.

On 2015 we become the promoters of the co-sleeping method with the design of the first wooden co-sleeping crib, one of the most demanded practices today by future parents.

What are the values and philosophy of the company?

We are sure that we have come this far thanks to Alondra's values, which are the values of our entire human team.  

We design with people in mind, how could it be otherwise. Our goal is to help mothers and fathers in raising their babies, since we are aware of the challenges that this implies. Hence, our furniture collections feature the baby and its stages. They adapt to their needs and not the other way around, making life easier for young and old.

What do you think differentiates you from the competition?

We do not like to do things the same way as others. We strive to be different and innovative. We know that only in this way can we leave a mark on our clients. Our main characteristic is the functionality that all our products have, as well as the quality of your materials and taking into account its origin, security and sustainability.

Our vision goes beyond the sale. We want to offer totally personalized advice to potential consumers and future parents, but also to Espacios Alondra physical points of sale.

Why Alondra? Is there a curious story behind the choice of the name?

Larks are the most famous songbirds in the world, known for their melodious song. They also sing while flying, unlike most birds, which only sing when perched. This indicates joy and reminds us that we must find joy in our own lives. Alondra helps parents discover the joys of parenthood by providing thoughtful designs that focus on three key principles: quality, practicality and functionality.

Shakespeare described the larks as "messengers of the morning", since their song heralds the arrival of a new day. Being Alondra means ushering in a new era in the field of baby furniture, creating memorable and unique products that not only look impressive, but are, above all, multifunctional.

This is Alondra: convertible furniture that brings safety, joy and beauty to your home with its unique designs and that supports parents in a new stage of life with versatile products that can be used well beyond the baby years.

Why do you think it is important to apply the Montessori method in a baby's room?

From the beginning it is important that the baby begins to know his environment, so that he can identify each element and be himself the one who develops his autonomy and independence. In this way, he will learn early to pick up toys, put away his books, etc.

If you had to keep only 3 products from your store, which ones would you choose?

I would definitely stick with the Omni convertible co-sleeping crib, the Sero Life crib convertible into bed and desk and the Montessori Homy cottage bed of 70x140cm.

Who makes up Alondra's team?

Our team consists of designers, creatives, financiers, sales consultants and a large team of production, logistics and customer service. People involved, sensible and with a desire to improve themselves day by day.

Right now you take your children's rooms to homes in more than 50 countries, but how was the journey to get to the situation in which you find yourself?

As a company, we are very excited to take the SPAIN BRAND and what it represents very far, in every way. We like to know different places, learn and open our minds.

The road has not been easy. We have a great national and international team that, with effort, have managed to take Alondra throughout Europe, as well as other countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Senegal, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait and Qatar.

What role has digital strategy had in Alondra? How have social networks helped you?

As in most companies, digital strategy is key. In our case, it has allowed us to make our furniture known to millions of families, moms and future moms around the world. For this, social networks have been our best ally, since the audience we are addressing is young and very active is online platforms.

Where are you heading as a company? What are your medium-term plans?

Having seen what we have seen, we know when our journey began, but we have no idea where it will end. But our medium-term purpose is to broaden our commercial vision, opening new international sales channels, both online and physical.

Tell us about the trends in children's room decoration. What awaits us?

Nordic design products, with simple and minimalist lines, which combine white with natural wood, have had great success in recent years and are increasingly in demand.

There is also a lot of interest in natural and environmentally friendly products.


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