Alondra, a success story through innovation and differentiation in the wake of the health crisis

Alondra is a small family business that manufactures furniture, textiles and decoration for children's rooms.

Although it was created more than 50 years ago as a children's clothing workshop, it was in 1985 when Alondra Infantil SL was formed as a company specializing in versatile and functional children's rooms.

Continuous innovation and differentiation are the keys to its success

After the health crisis, many businesses have been affected because their level of sales has dropped and this has caused the closure of some companies. In the case of Alondra, this has not happened thanks to the differentiation strategy they have carried out and the set of actions they have carried out to get through 2020. Below we analyze what their strategies have been and how they have been carried out:

  • Launch of a new online store

A new online store created with Alondra's philosophy of supporting and encouraging, from the beginning, all its physical points of sale "Espacios Alondra". They have wanted to merge local commerce with online sales channels, offering their consumers the possibility of mixing both procedures when making a purchase.

On the one hand, customers can buy online and complete their purchase at a physical point of sale. And, on the other, they offer the possibility of starting the transaction at a physical point of sale, to finally make the purchase online from the comfort of home, choosing a point of sale.

This way of approaching the business helps the customer, but also the local businesses that are suffering from the consequences of COVID-19 and the low birth rate in Spain. That is what motivated them to bring forward the launch of the online store, in June of last year.

  • Differentiation

They have always strived to be different and innovative. His vision goes beyond the sale. and they want to offer fully personalized advice to potential consumers and future parents, but also to physical points of sale, the Alondra Spaces. That is why they have strengthened the customer service department and have begun to focus the marketing strategy around the final consumer, without forgetting the professionals in the sector. They have combined the online strategy with the offline.

  • Importance of digital strategy

Finally, the digital strategy has been key. In their case, it has allowed them to introduce the furniture to millions of families, mothers and future mothers around the world. For this, social networks have been their best ally, given that the audience they are targeting is young and very active on online platforms. It is more than proven that in times of crisis, investment in marketing and social networks can help a company a lot.

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