Alondra nursing chairs, comfort and design for moms

The time to feed the baby, whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle feed, is one of the most special and tender moments between a mother and her baby, since bonds and a connection are created that last forever between parents. two.

Nursing chairs for bottle feeding

Due to its importance, this moment must be carried out in a suitable, pleasant and comfortable environment, both for the mother and the baby. For this reason, nursing chairs are a very good option and are becoming a key piece in baby rooms.

Alondra, always aware of the needs of mothers and their babies, has designed 3 models of nursing chairs thinking of maximizing their comfort at all times. In addition, as Alondra always does, we seek and offer the best quality and a unique characteristic design in our products.

But why opt for a nursing chair? The nursing chairs , although at first glance they may seem like a normal chair, are specially designed and manufactured so that mothers can feed their babies in the most comfortable way possible. These nursing chairs offer an ergonomic seat that allows the mother to adopt a totally relaxed posture once she sits on it. In addition, some models incorporate cushions for the lower back and neck area, an ideal plus to adapt as much as possible to each of the mothers. And finally, nursing chairs usually offer the option of rocking, to help the baby relax and fall asleep after each feeding. For all this, as we have mentioned previously, it is increasingly difficult to find a baby room that does not have a special corner with a nursing chair as the protagonist.

Having said all this, do you want to know each of our new models of Alondra nursing chairs? Below we explain each of its details.


Sogno nursing chairs have a more classic design than the rest of Alondra's nursing chair models. The Sogno collection has two positions: rocker and fixed, to choose from at any time. In addition, it incorporates 4 height-adjustable legs and is available in various colors of leatherette or fabric upholstery. The fabric of this model includes an anti-stain treatment and an Easy Clean system (easy cleaning with water).

Nursing chairs Sogno Alondra

Sogno nursing chair measurements: 90x62x62cm


Alondra's Ergo and Ergo Plus nursing chairs, with their straight-line design, have a more minimalist style, ideal for more modern baby rooms. The difference between the Ergo model and the Ergo Plus is that the first is specially designed for those moms whose height does not exceed 175cm and the second for higher heights. Both models incorporate 4 height-adjustable legs, two positions: fixed and rocking, removable lumbar cushion and height-adjustable neck cushion. This model is also available in different colors of fabric or leatherette. And finally, the fabric has an anti-stain treatment and an Easy Clean system (easy cleaning with water).

Nursing chairs Ergo and Ergo Plus Alondra

Ergo Measurements: 100x73x67cm
Ergo Plus measures: 110x73x67cm

Alondra's Ergo Luxe and Ergo Luxe Plus nursing chairs share the minimalist design and straight lines of the Ergo model previously explained. But in this case, they include some extras that make them parts with higher benefits. What are the differences? The Alondra Ergo Luxe and Ergo Luxe Plus models have, in addition to the above, an LED light lamp and 2 USB sockets to charge the mobile, for example.

This model of nursing chair is available in various colors of leatherette upholstery to choose from.

Available colors Alondra nursing chairs

Finally, you can complete the nursing chair with these options:

  • Additional pockets to store magazines, cell phones or other accessories. These pockets for nursing chairs are available in leatherette or fabric, ideal to combine with the color of the chosen chair.

Check pockets for nursing chair
  • Square pouf to maximize comfort. Also available in different colors of fabric or leatherette to choose from.

Square pouf for nursing chairs
  • Decorative square cushions to complete the nursing chair. Available in different colors leatherette finish.

Decorative cushions for nursing chairs

We hope you liked the post about Alondra's new nursing chairs. You can find these and other Alondra products in the distribution stores that appear on the web: or online stores:


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