Maximum comfort with Alondra maternity and nursing cushions

If you are a mother, you will know that the sweet wait, sometimes, brings with it some slightly more complicated moments such as certain pains when resting during the day or night. And as a result, you may feel more tired and sore than you would if rest were more adequate. And what can you do to avoid it? At Alondra, always thinking about the maximum comfort of our mothers, we have designed the new Senso maternity and nursing pillows , pieces exclusively designed to help you in those moments when you need it most. Do you want to know all the features and details of these new cushions? We show you below:

MOON maternity cushion

Maternity cushions for pregnant women

Alondra's MOON maternity cushion is designed to maximize the comfort of the mother during pregnancy. Thanks to its design and crescent shape, it allows mom to rest and sleep better. In addition, the size of this maternity cushion is the most appropriate so that the mother can support both her head, belly and legs on it and thus be able to be really comfortable during the rest.

The MOON maternity cushion is filled with polystyrene microbeads that allow the cushion to be firm and ergonomic and adapt correctly to the mother's posture during use. Afterwards, once it is no longer used, it does not deform and returns to its natural state. Another detail of this maternity cushion is that, in addition to its soft fabric, it has two different faces: one that is cooler in summer and the other that is warmer for the colder season of the year. It is also removable so you can wash it whenever you need it.

Maternity cushions for pregnant women

Finally, it should be noted that Alondra's MOON maternity cushion can also be used during breastfeeding and as a hammock for the baby. To use it as a hammock, you just have to put the matching cover on it and the baby can rest there comfortably all the time.

Baby roll cushion

You can see below other different uses that you can give to the MOON maternity cushion.

Maternity cushion for breastfeeding
Maternity cushion for moms-to-be

In addition, the MOON cushion is designed in 4 different colors and styles, so you can choose the one you like best.

Nursing pillow colors Alondra

SENSO nursing pillow .

Nursing pillow to feed the baby

The SENSO nursing pillow is specially designed to maximize the comfort of mothers and babies during the breastfeeding period. Thanks to its half-moon design, this cushion makes breastfeeding easier and allows the baby to be really comfortable and close to the mother when she needs it most. It can also be used as a backrest for the baby or child when lying or sitting.

Thanks to its composition, the SENSO nursing pillow offers the firmness and comfort that both the baby and the mother need. Specifically, for the mother, it provides additional support for the arms which allows avoiding tension in the elbow, back and wrist. In short, the ideal complement to enjoy one of the most special moments with the baby.

Below we show the different uses of the Senso de Alondra nursing pillow, also available in the same 4 colors and designs as the Moon maternity pillow explained above.

Nursing pillows for pregnant women

Cushion placement for baby

baby cushion

Available colours:

Nursing pillow colors

We hope you like Alondra's new maternity and lactation cushions. You can find these and other Alondra products in the distribution stores that appear on the web: or online stores:


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