2 rattan furniture pieces that will look great in original children's rooms

2 rattan furniture for original children's rooms

If something is clear to us at Alondra, it is that following trends and adapting to new decorative tastes is our thing. One of the latest trends in decoration is the use of natural fibers and materials in different furniture in the house. Today we propose you to use natural rattan furniture for the children's room of your little treasure.

With Alondra's new collection of wicker and rattan furniture you will be able to achieve an original children's room as well as beautiful and sweet. It's the magic that these kinds of natural and ecological materials give off at home 😍.

A children's room to the last!

The new decorative currents are fixedly pointing to furniture and accessories made with natural fibers, such as rattan. The desire to bet on a more ecological life, respectful of the environment and with reusable and recyclable material things has reached the art of interior design.

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This means that it is increasingly common to see homes furnished with accessories made in the most natural way possible. This is one of the reasons why this trend has been on the rise in recent months.

In addition, rattan furniture or other similar fibers bring a lot of warmth and comfort to any room. And isn't this just what everyone wants to get for a baby's nursery?

New Alondra natural rattan furniture: headboard and bedside table

natural rattan furniture, children's rooms, rattan headboard, natural rattannatural rattan furniture, children's rooms, rattan headboard, natural rattan

On this occasion we bring you two precious and very decorative accessories for your little one's children's room with natural rattan furniture. The good thing about incorporating this type of furniture into the baby's room is that it will bring a lot of tenderness and warmth.

The rattan headboard is made, as you can imagine, of natural rattan and has a rainbow shape. Its design is designed for 90 cm wide beds, so it will be great for your little one's youth room. This rattan headboard can be fixed to the wall by means of two plates that it contains in the back to be able to screw the headboard to the wall.

To complete your little one's rest area, you can include the rattan nightstand in the set. It has two 30x40 cm shelves, one at the top and one at the bottom. This nightstand will arrive at your home fully assembled, except for the rainbow-shaped back.

You can easily assemble this decoration at home using the two nuts that the table incorporates in the upper rear part. This allows you to include the decoration or not depending on your tastes or those of your little one. For example, when he is more of a baby you can include the reason to combine it with the headboard, but when he gets older, if he prefers a more minimalist table, he can remove it without problem and in a comfortable and simple way.


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