KIDSHOME baby store, our Alondra Space in Mallorca.

Alondra exhibition at the Kidshome Mallorca baby store

As we have already told you on other occasions, at Alondra we are nothing without our physical points of sale "Espacios Alondra" . The beautiful stores, dedicated 100% to the childcare sector, are our favorite travel companions; tireless collaborators; our better half. Thanks to them we have been able to get to where we are. They are the ones that move us every day to be a little better!

Alondra spaces, the meeting point between parents and the best for the baby

Baby store in Majorca

We know what it is to be new parents and how difficult the beginnings can be, especially when choosing everything related to the rest and safety of the baby . At Alondra we highly value the work of great professionals who share our vision and values, which is why we have been working as a team with them for years.

Alondra Spaces can offer future parents fully personalized advice , face to face and based on their needs. They are the ones who know best what you need and who can help you find the dream room for that baby who is on the way. That is why we take care of every single detail of your Alondra exhibitions.

KIDSHOME, your Alondra Space in Palma de Mallorca

Today we want you to know a little more about one of our partners in Palma de Mallorca, the Kidshome baby store. A unique meeting point between future parents and our baby furniture.

Therefore, if you are looking for professional advice in Mallorca to decorate and furnish your future baby's room, we recommend that you visit their store to discover everything that Kidshome can offer you in Alondra children's furniture.

Children's furniture and cribs at Kidshome

Like us, at Kidshome they know how difficult it is to find safe, unique and stylish products for babies-to-be and new parents. In 2011 they decided to embark on their journey and opened a different childcare and children's decoration store, with a wide selection of strollers, children's furniture and baby cribs and where they work with many Premium brands on the market, such as Bugaboo, Stokke, Joolz, Babyjörn or Alondra. .

Kishome baby store facade Palma de Mallorca

There you will find everything you need and the best advice to choose all the little things for the little one. Thank you!

They are already experts in offering personalized attention to each family. For this reason, in November they celebrate their 10th anniversary and, for this, they are going to prepare many surprises. So, stay tuned to their social networks! ;)

Facebook instagram @kidshomeshop

We can only thank them for all the work and effort they dedicate, with so much love, to all our children's furniture and exclusive products for the little ones in the home. We know that they are one of the most important engines that make our experience in the childcare sector a true wonder.

And you? Do you already know them? Cheer up, because they are waiting for you with a big smile and their best advice for you and the baby. A luxury!


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    Claudia alvial : February 08, 2023

    Me gustaría comunicarme con él área de compras o proveedores
    Para poder ofrecer nuestra marca de prenatal para sus tiendas
    Quedo atenta

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