How to decorate the playroom that every child dreams of having

Decorate children's playroom

Time to have fun! As soon as your baby grows up a bit and begins to explore his surroundings, the best thing you can offer him will be a children's playroom at home. This room or corner of the home will become a space designed to encourage their imagination to the maximum and make them have fun at all times.  

We help you shed some light on how this room should be, how to prepare the best decoration so that being in it is pure magic and we show you Alondra's essentials that cannot be missing in a children's playroom. Ready for the party?  

Ideas for decorating a children's playroom

The children's playroom can be a space full of colors, textures and activities to fully develop creativity, but also their learning abilities , especially when they are still babies. What is better than a space just for the little one where they can have fun while learning?  

Furniture and its colors

When you design the playroom at home for children, the logical thing to do is to think about its short-term use, to satisfy the needs of the baby when it is still small. However, with a little vision in the future, in the long term, you can also start preparing what will be his study room or office when he is older.  

For this reason, you can do two things. First of all, adapting the space for your little one when he is still a baby and, later, transforming it into a youth room. Or, as a second option, have everything ready to cover the various stages of your little one's growth .  

children's playroom with Alondra modular wardrobe

That is, prepare the essential furniture , such as the cabinets and the youth desk, which will come in handy as storage no matter how old your little treasure is. And, in addition, add other children's furniture that adapts to their needs and is at their height. In this way, you will also prepare an environment for play and learning while he is a baby. If you continue reading, below, we show you in more detail all the cuteness that we can offer you in Alondra; ).  

As we have said, what cannot be missing in the children's playroom will be a lot of storage space. Modular wardrobes are a good option, since, by definition, they are designed so that each family composes the furniture according to their needs .  

If we focus on the colors of the furniture, a good choice can be neutral tones . In addition to providing harmony to the space, they will have the perfect design for your son or daughter when they no longer want children's objects. These pieces of furniture will become the central nucleus of the room .  

But, of course, it is also necessary to add touches of color so that the children's playroom does not seem boring or monotonous, although everything in its proper measure. In order not to saturate the space and not to create a feeling of disorder , it is better to save the colors for smaller pieces of furniture , such as chairs and accessories, such as bedspreads, cushions, curtains or paintings.  

Create a themed children's playroom

Ideas to decorate children's playroom

It's a fantastic idea! When your little one grows up a bit, you will know what his favorite toys are, the motifs or children's drawings that most attract his attention or what he tends to play every time he wants to have fun. Based on this, you can design a game room at home with a theme or common thread that your little one or little girl likes .  

For example, you can set the room thinking of a jungle if your baby is more motivated by wild animals. Use plants or wallpaper with vegetation, stuffed animals or wild animal toys. Or if, on the contrary, it is more of farm animals, try to set the room with elements and colors that are reminiscent of this site. Use wooden pallets to create a desk, a sofa, or simply to line a wall as a stable. It will be super fun!  

The walls

For the walls it is also advisable to follow the same line of furniture . Combine light and neutral colors with one of the walls in a color that inspires your little one. A very good idea, and one that is currently in fashion, is to resort to personalized murals or wallpapers with children's motifs or with some element that your baby likes for the wall. You will hallucinate as soon as you see it!

how to decorate a game room with mural and wallpaper

Another good idea that will serve both your childhood and maturity is to use one of the walls to install a blackboard . You can quickly and easily draw or write down your things, so you can see your creations at all times. The best thing about this will be that you won't tend to go painting surfaces around the house so much... that you don't want to color under any circumstances!

how to decorate a children's playroom with a chalkboard wall

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On the walls you can apply an endless number of ideas, but another occurrence that seems cool and fun is similar to a tree in one of them and complete it with hangers to decorate it or hang your belongings . Or, if you have space and are a handyman, or have one nearby; ), you can create a real tree with wood or any material that you like and give it the use you prefer, such as using it as a shelf.

ideas to decorate children's playrooms tree shelf

How to decorate a game room with all the sweetness Alondra

At Alondra we are specialists in evolutionary and convertible furniture that adapts according to the needs of the smallest members of the house. But, in addition, something that we are also really proud of is our line of Montessori products, which help promote independence and autonomy in babies.  

For this reason, to furnish and decorate the children's playroom that you are designing, we want to show you which are the essential Montessori furniture and accessories from Alondra . In addition to achieving a really beautiful and functional room, it will provide your little one with everything they need to be able to interact alone with their environment without any risk. They are all advantages!  

children's shelves

Alondra's Montessori-style Strato wall shelf will be a great option for a child's playroom. It has a front railing designed to retain your baby's favorite books. The main characteristic of this type of Montessori shelves is to allow the books to face the little one or the little one .

How to decorate a game room

In this way you will always have the covers of all your books in view and you will quickly identify them. The main purpose of these open shelves is that you can also have your activity materials organized. The Montessori philosophy is also based on educating children in a sense of order , so it will be perfect for this task!  

Table and chair set

The matching table and chair set is a desk in the shape of a house , which adds a unique and striking touch to the set. The matching chair will ensure that your little one's creative space is not lacking in detail and, above all, that it has its specific seat to let their imagination run wild on the small desk.

Montessori table and chair set for children's playroom

tipi children's hut

Game room at home for children teepee children's cabin Alondra
Another of the Alondra accessories that you can include in the decoration of the game room is the children's teepee - Indian hut . It is available in several colors so that you can choose the one that best matches the space that you design in the children's playroom.

The best thing about this type of accessory is that it can have several uses depending on the activity that your baby is going to do. You can take advantage of it as a reading corner, to play or, if you consider it, to lie down to sleep or rest for a while.  

To complete the cabin, we have the children's teepee rug , which serves as a soft rug to sit more comfortably inside the Indian tent.  

Wood toys

Alondra's toys are made of wood and are the most beautiful thing you can find! If you opt for the Montessori philosophy, it is vital to have natural toys and materials , with different textures, so that the little one grows up by educating himself and becoming familiar with respect for the environment .

How to decorate a Montessori game room Alondra

Wooden toys are available in various forms . You can choose according to the preferences of your little one! We have from an airplane to a rocking horse and more!  

Montessori children's mirror

We also recommend you include the Alondra Montessori baby mirror so that your little one learns to recognize himself early and to know that personal hygiene is basic in a person.

Playroom for children mirror Montessori Alondra This mirror is one of the safest you can find. Instead of using normal glass, it is conditioned with a methacrylate plate with a mirror effect sheet . It is a more flexible and lighter solution than glass and is practically unbreakable.  

As for its Montessori adaptation, you have several options. You can permanently fix it to the wall horizontally, when it is smaller, or vertically when it is a little older.  

On the other hand, it includes a central bar that, in a horizontal position, will allow your baby to hold on and stand up . The railing can be set at three different heights , so that it adapts to the growth of the child perfectly.

learning tower

Children's playroom with Alondra learning tower

Alondra's learning tower will serve you both for this room and for the rest of the house. The Montessori philosophy aims to adapt, as far as possible, all the available spaces that children can visit. In this way, they will be able to participate in many more activities both inside and outside their personal space.  

In this case, the tower will serve to reach what cannot be up to its height in the children's home game room. But, also, to perform other daily tasks , such as brushing teeth, cooking or helping to do housework that is above their height.  

With all these ideas and tips, you are ready to create a children's playroom ! Giving them an appropriate space designed exclusively for them will give them a lot of security at home. From the first moment they will feel that they are a very important part of the family and that will help to strengthen the parental bond from a very young age.  


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