Photo contest ALONDRA rooms

Hello family! :) How are you spending the days of isolation at home with your little ones? We know that it is not an easy task, so we want to help you spend this time in the most fun and enjoyable way possible. Do you want to know how?

As you know, at Alondra we really like that you share your Alondra Rooms with us. It is where we find the reward of our daily work: seeing how our furniture makes the daily life of parents and their babies easier. We are aware that with these images we inspire a lot of future parents, since with them they can get a fantastic idea of ​​how an Alondra convertible crib, or a Montessori bed, or any other Alondra furniture would look like in real life. That is why we have launched a " Alondra room photo contest" to reward the best Alondra room.

Photo contest ALONDRA rooms

How can you participate?

The mechanics of the contest is very simple. From today until May 3 you can send us one or more photos of your little one's Alondra Room by mail to with your name and the name of your baby. Once all the images are received, we will share them on our Facebook page and the photo with the most 'Likes' will be able to enjoy a fantastic prize .

You can also share them with us privately through our Instagram or Facebook profiles or upload it to your social networks mentioning us and using the hashtag #alondrababyrooms and #ChallengeAlondra .

The voting period will end on Monday, May 4 and the winner will take this light stroller (color to choose) for free!

light stroller gift concurso alondra

We give you some tips to get the best photo of the Alondra room:

Tips to take a nice photo

Show your Alondra room with pride and with that good taste you have for decoration and photography. You can take all the photos you want, there is no limit of images when sharing, although in each photo some Alondra furniture must appear, since the objective of the contest is to see how our Alondra products look in real life .

Remember to include the hashtags #alondrababyrooms and #ChallengeAlondra when uploading the photo to participate.

Contest valid throughout Europe.

Cheer up! You can win a travel seat for when we can travel again ;)



Hello everyone! How are you coping with the lockdown at home with your little ones? We are aware of how tricky the situation can be... That is why Alondra proposes a challenge to help you endure the lockdown. It is a piece of cake and you may get a prize! Would you like to know what it is all about?

We would like to organize a photo contest among different Alondra rooms from all over the world. You just have to take a picture of the Alondra bedroom you chose for your little one and send it by email at or to our social media, or tagging us and adding the hashtags #alondrababyrooms and #ChallengeAlondra . We will share all pictures in our social media, and the most-liked picture will be the winner and the prize is an ultralight pushchair. Go for it!♥️


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