2 designs of low children's beds with the Montessori seal for a safe rest.

Surely you have heard of the wonderful short children's beds . They are becoming more and more fashionable, but they are not only a trend in decoration, but also bring numerous benefits to the smallest members of the house.

Do you want to know a little more about Alondra's short beds for children?

Benefits of short children's beds that will convince you to buy them

The Montessori philosophy is based on the certainty that children acquire knowledge as a result of their own reasoning . But how is this theory put into practice? Simple. This way of educating the little ones thinks that the correct thing is not to adapt children to a world of adults, but rather that the best thing is to adapt that big world to the little ones .

Montessori philosophy room

A good example where we can see this way of thinking, and now that we are talking about low beds for children, is in the baby's bedroom or rest area . This space is the place at home where the Montessori philosophy can be applied without any kind of problem, since it is the personal stay of the little one or the little one.

The good thing about Montessori furniture is that it is specially thought out and designed to be up to and within sight of the little ones . This is how they can freely and safely interact with their environment. With the aim of discovering what surrounds them for themselves.

As for the short children's beds, the same thing happens with the rest of the Montessori furniture. They are beds at ground level that allow babies to go up and down on their own when they want and need it . What is achieved with this type of specific furniture is that children can develop their abilities autonomously.

This means that, without knowing it, they are fostering their independence by being able to relate to the world with total autonomy . The prepared environments are places adapted to this philosophy and, therefore, to the children that allow them to develop these capacities with complete freedom.

Discover the keys to decorate a Montessori room for the baby .

Short beds for children, in addition to being much more attractive and fun for the little ones in the house, are also safer. With almost no separation from the ground, if the little one gets out of bed in the middle of the night, it does not have enough height to cause damage .

Discover the new low beds for children from Alondra!

At Alondra we have expanded our short children's beds, because they are the most fun, useful and beautiful. And the little ones love it!

ILMOON short children's beds

The ILMOON collection is made up of four little beds, which differ from each other by the color of the wood and by their size. The ILMOON PLYWOOD models, lacquered in white , and ILMOON BIRCH , in a natural wood color , have dimensions of 70x140 cm .

On the other hand, we find the ILMOON XL PLYWOOD beds, also in white, and the ILMOON XL BIRCH , in natural wood. These have a size of 90x200 cm , perfect if you want your little one to be able to use them until they are much older , since they have the same dimensions as a normal youth bed.

montessori children's low bed ilmoon

This collection has a more robust and collected design . That is, the mattress is not so much in the air. The bed base is surrounded by short walls and one of them has a small opening so that the little one can easily access the interior of the bed whenever they want.

Short children's beds MONTBLUE

The second block of little beds corresponds to the MONTBLUE collection . They also differ from each other by color and size. Thus, we have the MONTBLUE PLYWOOD model in white and the MONTBLUE BIRCH in natural wood with a size of 70x140 cm .

Finally, as you can imagine, the short beds for children MONTBLUE XL PLYWOOD and MONTBLUE XL BIRCH , in white and wood, respectively, measure 90x200 cm . Unlike the ILMOON models, the MONTBLUE short children's beds have a more open design, revealing the mattress and the entire interior of the bed .

low bed montessori child montblue

To reinforce the safety of the little one while he sleeps, it only incorporates two railings in the same structure, one on each side . These barriers would remain, approximately, up to half of the body of the little one.

And so far our review of Alondra's short children's beds and the benefits they can bring to your little angel. If you decide on one of them, rest assured that you will not regret it, because we are very sure that your baby will love it and will sleep like a little angel every night! 😉.


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