Warranty 3 years You will sleep like a baby

Garantia mobiliario Alondra

At Alondra, we look out for your rest and peace of mind;)

We want you to feel sure that you have made the right purchase and avoid any worries that may keep you awake. Because ALL our PRODUCTS are guaranteed for 2 yearsagainst any manufacturing defect (except of course, any flaws that appear due to misuse or wrong handling of the article).

The warranty period begins from the date of purchase.

In the event of a manufacturing defect, the defective part of the item/piece of furniture will be exchanged or the amount paid will be refunded.

Our materials

We take great care of the quality of our materials. We only pick high-quality materials, as we have in mind not only the durability of the products but also your whole family's well-being:

Furniture: solid pine wood; MDF; PVC laminated particle board; high-quality metal drawer slides and fittings

Nursing chairs: 25/30 kg/m3 PU foam, fabric and leatherette upholstery.

Lacquer and furniture finishes: non-toxic paints and varnishes, suitable for use by children; PU primer and acrylic PU finish.

Textiles: made of 100% soft-touch cotton.

If you follow these simple steps, your furniture will look good as new for many years to come:

❤ Do not use abrasive cleaning products: bleaches, ketones or other solvents

❤ Avoid, insofar as possible, hitting or dragging furniture.

❤ Keep your furniture away from sources of heat, humidity or strong natural light (sun).

❤ In order to be able to clean stains properly, try to identify what caused them.

❤ Check the composition labels of textile articles before washing them, and follow their recommendations.

Don't worry, in the section"Furniture maintenance" you will find more detailed information so you can look after your furniture.

Following these recommendations, everything will go smoothly!

We know that you love the furniture you have chosen and you will take good care of it. But just in case, we have to inform you about the cases that our warranty does not cover:

❤ The warranty does not cover the repair of any damage due to non-compliance with the conditions of use.

❤ It also does not cover damage caused during the transport or installation of the product in your home.

❤ The warranty will not apply if the product has been exposed to high temperatures, high humidity, blows, scratches, or if the advice on washing textile garments has not been followed.

For your peace of mind

When our customers have an issue that is not covered by the warranty, we understand their concern.

That is why, in those cases, we also go the extra mile to try to provide you with a solution.

If the customer wishes us to, we can repair the product after issuance and acceptance of a service quote.

We offer this service so customers can have a solution at hand, without having to go through the hassle of looking for a professional who can repair the product.