Furniture Maintenance Tips

High-quality, durable furniture? Yeah, sure, here it is.

Some of the convertible cribs manufactured by Alondra have been designed to be transformed into a junior bedroom. Imagine that! ;)

Therefore, when you buy an Alondra product, you have in mind that it will be with you for many years to come.

We design and manufacture every piece of furniture with the utmost care and attention. That is why we want to teach you some simple yet effective tricks, so you can also look after them at home.

If you follow our advice, your furniture will be as good as new for many years to come.


7 practical tips to take care of your baby's furniture

For regular cleaning of lacquered or painted furniture

Your lacquered furniture likes soft cotton or microfiber cloths, slightly moistened with water. Sponges or rags give them the heebie-jeebies. They are scared that their pretty surface may get scratched.

They avoid at all costs products that contain ammonia, acetone or solvents, because they know that they can be abrasive. And they don't get along with excess water either, so they'll be very grateful if once you've wiped them with a damp cloth, you remove any extra water with a dry cloth.

They are crazy about massages with dry cloths, with gentle circular motions.

If you follow these recommendations, your furniture will be clean and stress-free ;)

Cleaning melamine furniture

Your melamine furniture also privileges soft cloths moistened with water and with a non-aggressive product. And they'll love it if you wipe them dry afterwards to avoid excess water.

Here is a little trick that not everyone knows: they will look as good as new if you use a window cleaner, the standard kind we all have at home.

It is recommended not to use wax or sprays, as they can create a film on the surface of the furniture that will become greasy. And don't use rags that produce static charges to attract dust.

Aquí lo de "tú pasa el pronto y yo el paño" no sirve, como ves ;)

To protect the wooden parts of your furniture

Some good wax will do the trick. After cleaning your piece of furniture, apply a thin layer of wax to the wooden part. Wait for five minutes and polish it lightly with a soft bristle brush or cloth. After another 30 minutes, polish the wood again with a little more vigor. Wax on, wax off!

Your furniture will be happy and won't lose its spark ;)

Beware of heat and high temperatures

Just like direct sunlight, one of the things that scares Alondra furniture the most are heat sources (fireplaces, radiators, stoves, etc.).

High temperature damages wood finishes and can cause the furniture to deteriorate. We believe that, if furniture had legs, it would run away from stoves, radiators, and fireplaces.

They like to chill out ;)

A trick to erase scratches

Old time remedies are often the most effective ones. Grandmas are often a wealth of knowledge in this regard.

Ours has told us: "When you see that a scratch is starting to appear, apply shoe polish" ;). Remember that, in order to get a good finish, its colour must be similar to that of the wood.

An almost magical trick to remove white rings left by glasses

Yes, it has happened to all of us.

Your baby is asleep, you finally have time to relax, you prepare a warm cup of tea and ... oh, no, he has woken up and is crying...

You rush to his crib, put the cup on the dresser, soothe him with that loving lullaby, and he goes back to sleep. The problem is that, when you lift the hot mug, there is a stain on the wood. Oh no!

We hope it won't happen to you ;) But if it already has, do not worry. Here is an awesome trick that will fix the issue to a great extent. Apply ashes mixed with olive oil on the furniture. Yes, we already know that it sounds like a witchcraft concoction, but go ahead and do it. Let it work its magic and then remove it with a cloth.

Well, as prevention is better than cure and to avoid having to make our concoction, remember: do not drag anything on the surface of the furniture and always use coasters under hot objects, flasks, bottles or glasses with cold drinks that can leave a mark on timber.

In order to clean leatherette nursing chairs

Fortunately, leatherette is a type of material that is dirt-resistant and water-repellent. These properties make it a good upholstery choice in order to tackle most day-to-day stains. Even so, there is always one stain that is trickier than the rest. What we recommend is that you deal with it as early as possible, to prevent it from soaking in and staying forever.

If you clean them on the spot, stains usually leave without protesting;)

Recomendaciones mantenimiento muebles

Up to this point our recommendations...

At Alondra, we thank you for taking good care of our offspring. We manufacture them so lovingly that it is difficult for us to part from them ... But we are happy because they go to homes where they are looked after;)