Alondra expects to double its turnover, following the launch of its ecommerce.

Alondra , a children's furniture brand from Alicante , estimates that it will bill twice as much this 2021 thanks to its commitment to local commerce after the launch of its new website on May 4. It has also focused its efforts on promoting direct advice with its clients through its online and physical channels.

The official points of sale of the firm, distributed throughout the country, called Espacios Alondra, become relevant when carrying out this commercial strategy. These distribution channels are specialized childcare stores that decide to include the Alondra brand in their product offerings to offer quality and design children's furniture to their customers.

Alondra, for her part, has relied on the effective advice offered by physical points of sale when deciding what is best for each family and baby. Thus, it has merged local commerce with online sales channels, offering its public the possibility of mixing both procedures when making a purchase.


The company has digitized all its processes so that, on the one hand, customers can start their purchase online and finish it at a physical point of sale. And, on the other, to offer the possibility of starting the transaction in an Alondra Space that helps the consumer from the first moment to, finally, make the purchase from the comfort of home.

This way of approaching the business helps the customer, but also helps local businesses that suffer the consequences of the low birth rate in Spain, despite the slight rise in births in the month of March that the National Institute of Statistics glimpses in its latest estimate published.

In this sense, Alondra has not contemplated settling for what she had, but rather has decided to grow by betting on innovation and adaptation to the online channel that is so much in demand today. The key to success has consisted in allocating its maximum effort around communication and web positioning to enhance its visibility in the children's furniture market.

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