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Alondra's 2016 novelties have finally arrived !

The new catalog is now completely ready and is looking forward for you to see and like it! In this Alondra 2016/2017 catalog you will find all the news in children's furniture that we will have available throughout this year. In addition to novelties in collections and baby furniture, we have a novelty in terms of our finishes: we incorporate the matte finish that we like so much and that parents have asked us for so much. Thus, you can choose furniture in a glossy or matte finish in more than a third of our baby items.

However, the star piece of this new Alondra 2016 catalog is the INBORN CRIB and INBORN CRIB LUXE mini co-sleeping cot. At Alondra we have been manufacturing mini-cribs for more than 25 years, but we have never had a co-sleeping mini-crib in our enormous showcase. That is why we are really excited and satisfied with this mini co-sleeping crib. We hope you like it as much as we do!

In addition to the co-sleeping crib and the matte finish, what else will we have in 2016? Here we show you the new collections of baby furniture from the new Alondra 2016/2017 catalogue.


    In the new Alondra 2016 catalog we have created the ESSENCE collection, with an exclusive and unique design. These are ESSENCE baby furniture

    This convertible crib to bed is from the same PREMIUM KURVE collection, the star piece in our catalog and chosen by many decorators and interior designers around the world. But, this time it is available in new colors and in a matt white finish. More beautiful if possible!

    Here you can see more details of the new PREMIUM KURVE ESSENCE convertible crib to bed, made of solid pine wood and MDF of high quality and resistance. A unique piece.

    Nordic style convertible crib

    • Cribs 60×120 cm INBORN ESSENCE and INBORN LUXE:

    The new INBORN ESSENCE and INBORN LUXE baby cots, measuring 60×120 cm, have a unique design and style. Both models are available in matt white and differ in that the LUXE cradle model incorporates designer metal wheels.


    When manufacturing these baby cribs, in addition to striving to create really beautiful design models, we wanted them to be as functional as possible so that your baby can use the crib for much longer. That is why they can be converted into a 130x70cm children's desk. Your baby will love that his crib changes with him!

    lark desk convertible crib

    In addition, you can combine these INBORN ESSENCE and INBORN LUXE baby cribs with the bathtub changing unit and have a matching set with a beautiful design and finish. You can choose the color that you like best!

    set crib furniture baby changing table lark

    The PREMIUM KURVE ESSENCE children's room is very similar to the PREMIUM KURVE baby room, with the difference that this model incorporates legs with a totally different style and in different colors to choose from. You can see them in more detail below. This children's room is made up of a 70×140 evolving cot, chest of drawers and wardrobe, in a minimalist and curved style, ideal for your baby's infant and youth stage. In addition, the KURVE ESSENCE crib becomes a 70×140 junior bed and then a 146x80cm desk. Discover its spectacular transformation!


    In the new Alondra 2016 catalog we have also incorporated the BUBBLE collection as a novelty, with a modern design and charming children's details. Here we show you the baby furniture from the BUBBLE collection

    If you are looking for a matt white convertible crib and children's details for your baby, the new BUBBLE convertible cribs will surprise you! You have two sizes available: the 60x120cm JUST BUBBLE convertible crib into a bed , ideal for cozier baby rooms, and the 70x140cm SERO BUBBLE convertible crib that can be converted into a complete youth room.

    In addition to choosing size, you can choose from several different color combinations. Choose the one you like best for your baby!

    Bubble Alondra Convertible Crib

    From the new BUBBLE baby collection you also have the complete children's bedroom available. You can choose colors and several different sizes of crib, chest of drawers and wardrobe, depending on what best suits your child's bedroom.

    Children's room Bubble Lark

    3. NEW COLORS 2016

    Lastly, we will highlight the new color combination that we have incorporated into some of our baby furniture collections.

    Especially designed for girls, the combination of white and pink throughout the MATHS furniture collection. A classic that never goes out of style and girls love it!

    Baby crib and bath set

    And, to finish, we show you the new white oak color with a screen-printed children's star. A truly unique detail!

    This is how beautiful the CLIP convertible crib has been:

    Alondra Neo Clip Convertible Crib

    Do not miss more collections and products from the new Alondra 2016/2017 catalog at :

    We hope you like the novelties of our 2016 Alondra catalogue. Remember that you can share our posts with your friends!


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