[Alondra responds] How to prepare the baby's first bath

The baby's first bath is one of the most tender and beautiful moments when a new member arrives in the family. Perhaps it is also one of the most anticipated as well as feared. Well, more than feared, they instill respect and doubt if it is being done correctly.  

Despite fears, bath time for the little one is an ideal occasion to spend with the family . bathe the baby Increases the formation of the bond between the little one and the parents . Plus, it can be the perfect time of day to kick back and have a good time.

The first bath of the newborn baby

girl in a bathtub to prepare the baby's first bath

The Spanish Association of Pediatrics says that the needs of bathing the baby depend on its level of dirt , therefore, this issue is directly related to the age of the child . This is because, until six months, the baby is not as active , so he will not need to bathe as regularly.

Therefore, for newborns, three or four baths a week is enough. From six months , or when the little one begins to crawl or walk , the daily bath is recommended to keep it always clean.  

For newborns , with a recent umbilical cord that has not yet fallen off, it is recommended that the bath consist of wetting the various parts of the baby's body with a sponge . If you decide to use this method, you can keep the little one covered and gradually discover the areas that you are going to clean. In this way, you prevent the baby from catching cold .  

On the other hand, the AEP specifies about the umbilical cord: « it must be washed daily with soap and water and then dried properly » . However, after a brief investigation, you will be able to see that the recommendations are different depending on the health authority of each part of the world where you consult.  

Alondra's advice  

Opinions on whether or not to bathe the baby before the umbilical cord falls off completely are mixed. In the same way as the recommendations on when to take the baby's first bath . However, you should always keep in mind that it is better that you let yourself be advised and advised by the medical personnel in charge of your case.

How to do the baby's first bath?

For when you are going to submerge your little one in the water, the ideal is to use a small bathtub of its size . In this way it will always be controlled , since the space will be coupled to it. The best thing to be able to control the bathroom at all times and have all the things you are going to need at hand is to use a mobile bathtub .  

Life bathtub furniture and interior for baby's first bath

At Alondra we have several models, such as the Life wooden changing table-bathtub-cabinet . This accessory has a Nordic style, it combines white with one of the borders of the drawer in wood texture . It has four large capacity drawers and a top cover to store the tub. As a safety element, the furniture incorporates four wheels with rubber bands, two of them with brakes.

Alondra's vanity bathtubs include a dressing or changing area for the upper part while the vanity is closed, a bathtub with drain and a soap dish that can be removed from the side. This is very useful, since you can place it on the side of the furniture that best suits you .  

About our bathtub furniture, you should know that while the plastic bathtub for the bathroom is in place, the upper drawer cannot be opened. However, the good thing about having this type of furniture at home is that, once the little one bathes there, you will have one more chest of drawers at home for life. It's ideal for storing all your bathroom essentials when you're still little, but it's also perfect as extra storage space for when you're older.

how to make the baby's first bath with Alondra bathtub furniture in the room

What you need to know for the baby's first bath

1 The water temperature should be between 36 and 38 ºC , that is, more or less like body temperature. In the same way as the room for the bathroom. Choose a smaller room to be able to heat it quickly and to maintain the temperature at all times.

The bathroom is the most recommended place because, as a general rule, it is a fairly isolated room that does not contain unexpected drafts .  

2 Use a soft, fine sponge or your own hand to wash the little one. One of the most frequent questions for the baby's first bath is which soap to use. The gel that you should use has to have a neutral pH and without irritants . Surely in the pharmacy they advise you of luxury!  

3 To dry it , try to make the towel as soft as possible as well. You should do it without rubbing so as not to cause irritation to your skin. It is super important to dry areas with folds such as the neck, armpits, groin and genitals very well!  

4Wash your hair when you need it . In the same way, it depends on the age of the child and is related to the degree of dirt that the hair contains. If your little one's hair is oily, you should wash it more frequently. If it's drier, it won't need as many washes.

It is important to first dry the hair well with a towel and then finish drying with a dryer at a low temperature.

When is the perfect time to bathe the baby?

This question is quite relative and personal. As we have already anticipated, it is best that the little one's bathroom be done as a family . It's a perfect way to create cute and fun memories, plus having help is always better if the baby is nervous or if, for whatever reason, you forget some essentials .  

For this reason, the time of day to do it depends on the time and routines that the family practices in general. However, our recommendation is to do it before bedtime , since it is a good method to put a newborn baby to sleep . And not only when they're so little, but when they're older, it's the perfect way to create a routine to end the day and so they know it's time to rest, for everyone 😉 .  

In addition to creating routines, the AEP assures that it is a good opportunity to « promote the autonomy of the child » . Above all, when he already performs actions on his own. «Between 6 months and one year of age, bath time becomes an opportunity to play and have fun. From the year of life, children can understand what is happening and begin to participate in their hygiene , " says the AEP.  

With all these tips and recommendations you can make the baby's first bath your favorite moment of the day. It is normal for the first few times to be somewhat chaotic and uncontrolled . But do not worry! Nobody is born knowing 😉 , so with practice you will see that it becomes easier and, above all, fun!  


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