Alondra's Maths C160 Crib recommended by CHOICE

At Alondra we care about the safety and rest of the little ones. That is why we work every day to offer quality children's furniture and guarantees that are suitable for the correct development of the child. Thus, we submit all our products to the most exhaustive and strict controls and approval processes in order to guarantee that each of the Alondra furniture complies with all current safety regulations. We believe that this is essential to offer the security and confidence that parents and babies need from a brand.

This year the Maths C160 crib has been tested by a leading independent Australian body called CHOICE . This non-profit consumer association is dedicated to testing different product categories, including children's furniture.

They recently carried out a control and qualification process for a wide variety of baby cribs, including Alondra's Maths C160 crib. Well then, we couldn't be happier and more satisfied with the result! Our crib has passed the test with the highest score. It has passed all safety tests and all other requirements earning a 100% rating. We have even obtained a higher score than other more recognized brands on the market in Australia. That is why the Choice company recommends our crib as one of the best options for babies and parents.

In the following image you can see the details and the result obtained by our MATHS crib.

Crib Maths Alondra recommended by Choice

Alondra's Maths crib measures 70×140 cm, it is larger so that the baby can feel more comfortable sleeping in it and can use it for longer. In addition, it has the possibility of becoming a 70×140 cm junior bed, so the child can continue using it until approximately 5 or 6 years of age.

The bed base, made of solid pine slats, can be placed at two different heights (one lower and one higher) to offer greater comfort for parents and greater safety for the baby. Another important feature is that the height from the ground to the highest part of the rails is lower, which allows better accessibility to the interior of the crib without the need for a mobile rail. Finally, it should be noted that at Alondra, we always use non-toxic varnishes and paints in the manufacturing process of our furniture, in order to take care of the health and well-being of the little ones.

As the only drawback, Choice pointed out that the assembly of the cradle was not excessively simple. This is because at Alondra we care about offering quality children's products that guarantee their correct durability. We ensure that the furniture remains in perfect condition over time thanks to the quality of the wood we use, which is thicker. In addition, we make a special effort to ensure that all the pieces are well coupled and guarantee the resistance of the furniture when it is time to use it. As a consequence of this, the assembly of Alondra furniture may require a little more dedication compared to other brands. However, in the instructions that we include, each step is duly detailed, so that in any case, the assembly is always successful.   

In the following link, you can access the official Choice website and obtain more information:

We hope this post about Alondra's Maths cradle has been of interest to you. If you want more information about our baby cribs or other Alondra children's furniture, you can contact us or visit any of the stores that you will find in our Espacios Alondra stores.


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