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We have opened a new section on our website that you are going to love! It's a birth gist list, your own wish list where you can add and save all your favourite Alondra baby products. It's really easy to use and very useful, as it serves as a room to store, view and keep track of your things whenever you need them.

But... What are the advantages of having your own Alondra birth list? Many! You see, once you've added the products to your wish list (here's how to do it), you can share it with your family and friends. This way it will be much easier for them to know which product you like the most so they can make you a gift for your baby.

You can share it directly with whoever you want, via WhatsApp, email or by copying the link. This way, you will always have your wish list for your baby at hand in your mailbox.

Do you want to create your own birth list? Here we show you step by step how to do it:

To start with your first list, you can access it directly from the header (by clicking on the heart) and, once inside, add your products. Or, if you prefer, you can do it more comfortably from the product you are looking at and click on the heart next to the product reference. In these images you will see it explained:

If you use the search engine, you can also add your product from the button "ADD TO MY LIST".

At all times, you can see the number of items you have on your birth list by looking at the heart in the header. This is updated every time you add or remove items - we hope you add lots of wishes!

If you continue to browse the items, you will know you have a product on your list when the heart inside the product card is pink. This is the indicator that the item is already one of your wishes. If you would like to remove any of your wishes from the list, you can do so from within your birth list by clicking on the "x".


Once you know what your Alondra wishes are, you can lock them away so you never lose them. How? Very easy, you will have to log in with your Alondra account (or register if you haven't done it yet). If you do, don't worry, we promise we won't send you any spam ;).


We hope you enjoy your birth list and remember, if you need help you can contact us at or in the online chat on the website. Thanks!


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