How to decorate children's bedrooms with crochet?

Ideas to decorate baby rooms with crochet

The decoration of children's bedrooms is a matter that we should not leave in the background. As our children grow, their needs change, so the types and amount of furniture increases. In the same way, its decoration will undergo many changes as our children grow, changes that will be conditioned by their age and will vary depending on their tastes and styles.

Although it is true that when they are little it is the parents who define the decorative style of the bedroom, when the stage of adolescence arrives, they will be the ones who little by little define it. If you are in the process of redecorating your daughter's or son's bedroom, in this article we give you a series of ideas for decorating children's bedrooms with crochet .

Tricks to decorate a children's bedroom with crochet

The good thing about crochet is that, although we can buy them ourselves together with our children, we can make all the decorative objects with which to enrich the style of the bedroom. Crochet is a simple craft that we can do big and small, which also has many benefits for our children.

Thanks to it, our children develop their motor skills, improve their concentration and creativity, and help them strive for new achievements . If you dare, you can find all the necessary material to crochet in Mercería Sarabia , and spend the most entertaining afternoons with your children doing this type of craft.

children's bedroom decorated with crochet


As for ideas to decorate your children's room with crochet , there are many. We can find from merely decorative objects to others that are highly functional and useful.

  • Crochet children's rugs : a rug cannot be missing in children's bedrooms. Most of the time, the bedroom is the playroom, where they get down on the floor to play. Therefore, it is important to have a rug that protects them from the cold while they play and that is close to the bed for when they get up from it and go barefoot.

As for ideas for children's crochet rugs, there are plenty of them. From those that are shaped like animals to those with colorful or plain prints in your favorite colors or pastel colors. By making them ourselves, the designs and styles are infinite, it all depends on our imagination.

crochet children's rugs


  • Crochet children's blankets : in a bedroom, blankets or bedspreads cannot be missing either, which we can also crochet. As in the previous case, the designs and patterns can be of many types and styles. Also, depending on the time of year, we can make them more or less fine . We only have to choose the thickness of the balls that we use to knit. By doing it ourselves we will be able to have a 100% personalized and unique crochet blanket or quilt.
    crochet blanket


    • Crochet children's cushions : One way to decorate children's beds is with stuffed animals and cushions, which we can customize with their favorite colors. Also, with crochet, we can give the cushions the shape they prefer: hearts, bears, stars, clouds...
    • Children's crochet poufs : with them we can create a beautiful reading corner in which our children can sit comfortably and read their favorite adventures on comfortable decorated crochet poufs.
      child crochet puff


      • Crochet covers for chairs and stools : If you have a games table, you probably have chairs that we can customize and decorate to our liking with crochet covers. An advantage of these covers is that they are removable so that they can be washed whenever we want.
        crochet stool cover


        • Crochet baskets to store toys : when they finish playing we must teach them to pick up their toys to keep the bedroom tidy and so that they do not deteriorate . A good way to store them is in crochet baskets, which will also give a most original decorative touch to the bedroom.
          basket crochet toys


          As for the rest of the decorative objects, crochet presents us with all kinds of options to create:

          • Decorative crochet garlands and pennants : this is a great decorative proposal for the bedroom walls or to serve as a curtain catcher. They are very easy to make and add a very special touch to our children's favorite room.
            pick up curtain crochet


            • Crochet dolls and stuffed animals : these, in addition to decorating, are a perfect idea as a toy for our children. We can make all kinds of characters and dolls as you prefer: dragons, unicorns, bears, rabbits, princesses, superheroes and heroines, firefighters, policemen...


              • Crochet crib mobiles for babies : if our children still sleep in the crib, an object that helps them relax and sleep are mobiles , which we can make ourselves with a little imagination and crochet. In this way, we will achieve a most original and unique craft.
                crochet crib mobile


                • Crochet tapestries for the walls : instead of children's prints and paintings, we can make ourselves tapestries in the shapes of animals or their favorite characters. This is a fun way to personalize the bedroom while doing crafts .
                  crochet lion tapestry


                  These are just some ideas to decorate the children's bedroom with crochet , and with which to “open your mouth”. But the truth is that there are millions of ideas to decorate children's bedrooms with crochet. If you can think of any more, do not hesitate to tell us!


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