4 tips on lighting the baby's room that will improve your rest

Montessori baby room lighting

If you are preparing the little one's room or you want to renew the appearance of his bedroom, you are interested in knowing what is the perfect lighting for the baby's room . In order to make your stay a really welcoming space, light points play a key role when designing the bedroom.  

Above all, if we take into account that lighting is one of the best ways to define various spaces within the same room. In this way, your little angel will enjoy to the fullest every corner carefully prepared for each activity that it is going to carry out, including the rest area, where you can fall asleep sweet and relaxed.  

The four essential types of lights for the baby's room

The room for the future member of the family will be a magical and unique place in the home, since the illusion of preparing it will motivate your interior designer skills to the maximum ;). Therefore, one of the elements that you must take into account will be the type of lights most suitable for the baby .  

Alondra baby table lighting

You should bear in mind that each of the three types of baby lights that we tell you about has a specific function or purpose. Based on this, you will have to decide if you think that all of them will be needed in your case or not.  

However, from Alondra we believe that lighting, apart from being essential, can create defined environments that will help you when marking the routines of the little one . For this reason, we are also going to give you our recommendations on Alondra's baby lighting . Ready to shine?  

General lighting

This type of light will be the central base of lighting in the baby's room. Regularly, it is the one that is hung or adjusted to the ceiling, in the central part of the room. It must be as uniform as possible, so that it bathes the entire bedroom in light and, thus, be able to see the space well at all times.  

Baby room lighting Stella ceiling lamp

At Alondra we have several models of ceiling lamps that you can choose from when designing and thinking about the distribution of lights for the baby. Some, like those in the Volare or Dreams series , have a blank design. On the other hand, the Stella or Notte collections are available in various colors , which match the coordinated Alondra textiles available. So that everything fits perfectly!  

ambient lighting

Ambient lights are the most appropriate to define the spaces, areas or corners in the baby's bedroom that we were talking about. For example, if you decide to install a nursing area in the little one's room, with the nursing chair and a small table to keep the necessary items close by for feedings, you will also need a warmer light source for that tender and intimate moment . This lighting for the baby will prepare a warm, sometimes subdued environment, necessary for the shot to be calm and relaxed.  

In this way, you will have visibility, but without resorting to strong general light. In addition, it will help your little treasure to fall asleep better . In fact, if the shot is taken at night, it is recommended that you do not use any light, so as not to disturb the baby's sleep rhythm. But you must have a nearby light source to be able to check from time to time that everything is fine .

nursery lights with nursing area and Shine floor lamp

If you do not have an ambient light for this case, you will have to get up in the middle of the child's meal to reach the general light switch. And, in those moments, that simple action is sooo annoying!  

In this case, at Alondra we offer you three lighting possibilities for the baby's room with which to define different spaces:

Alondra baby lights collections

The table lamps will serve you for the nightstand, the nursing table, the desk or the baby's dresser. The good thing about this type of lamps that are not permanently installed is that they are as versatile as you need, since you can place them where it best suits you at all times .

You can also opt for a floor lamp , which will give you the same previous function, but, in addition, it will offer you a larger light source. Since they are designed to be installed on the floor, they are larger than a common table lamp.  

Stella floor lamp baby room lighting

Finally, the wall lamps can also be used to separate the areas that you want to define with lighting for the baby's room. The good thing about Alondra's wall lights is that they have a switch built into the cable, so you can easily activate it wherever you install it .  

Alondra's wall lamps are perfect for having ambient light without having to take up space on the floor or on the surface where you want to install a table lamp.  

Finally, it is very common for children to need a guiding light at night . You will probably need it when you move the baby into his room to sleep alone . These little lights, also called night lamps, are usually designed with a childish motif that is striking for the little ones. In general, they give off a very dim light and the color of the chosen motif .  

In addition to participating in the decoration of the room, they will help your little one to feel safe and secure because they will not be surrounded by darkness. With it you can see the room without problem, but without altering your state of sleepiness at night.  

spot lighting

It is also called directed lighting, since it is a very direct light focused on a specific point in the baby's room. For example, a lamp installed on the headboard of the bed to read at night or on the desk. This type of lighting is necessary for children when they begin to read, draw or do homework because it helps them not to strain their eyes to focus on the task at hand.  

Natural lighting

One of the main characteristics of a baby's bedroom is that, as far as possible, it is located in a room in the house that receives a lot of natural light and has good ventilation . These two things will make your stay maintain a purer and cleaner environment.  

natural lighting baby room

Therefore, if you can install the room of your little treasure in the brightest place in the room, we assure you that it will be the most correct option. Also, if the excess light worries or bothers you, you can always solve it with blinds, blinds or curtains .  

That's all! We can only wish you a happy wait or redecoration of the little one's room. From Alondra we wish we had helped you to know which is the most accurate and necessary lighting for the baby's room . Surely, whatever combination you choose, with these tips you will be right!  


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