Work With Us

Welcome to our playroom!

In Alondra's baby room, a lot of professionals play, I mean ... work, with a common goal:

Improving the lives of babies, moms and dads.

We have become designers, technicians, accountants, sales consultants and a large team of production, logistics and customer service staff.

It all sounds very professional.

But all of us, without exception, were children and are still children at heart ;-).

This is what allows us to work and have lots of fun while focusing on what families need.

We have a great domestic and international team, who together pursue our company success. But without putting aside our values. Because we know this is the key to everything working like a charm.

We like sensible, engaged people, who strive to better themselves every day.

And who doesn't, right?

People who are excited to board our boat and row with us in the same direction.

Positive people, who spread good vibes and have a sense of humor. People who want to contribute to our team so that our games, I mean ... our daily work is more productive and fun.

And we understand that, in order to motivate these exceptional colleagues to join our team, we have to offer them the same.

That's why we share with you the values that drive us:


Talent is sometimes referred to as luck. But we know that there is a lot of dedication and efforts behind a good idea and a good job. We recognise it and value it.


Passion, motivation, dedication and love for what you do, call it what you will. When this is your driving force, you always rock it.


We greatly value our team's ability to learn and reinvent themselves on a daily basis. They manage to overcome obstacles when things go wrong, which may well happen at some point ... and they come out of difficult situation stronger.


Our enthusiasm to create new ideas, satisfy customers and improve as individuals and as a company is contagious. This is what has allowed us to grow a lot in a short time. We never lose our motivation to reach new heights.

Would you like to join our team?

We are constantly looking for new professionals who share our values and want to helps us to open new horizons and prove we are good at what we do.

What do you think? Would you like to join our team? Send your resume to

Are you curious to see how we work? Come on, a little bit, admit it ;-). Don't be shy and click here to get to know us better. Maybe you want to come and play with us ;-).