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If you make a purchase of large children's furniture at - from 15 DECEMBER 2022, you will receive your products during the month of JANUARY 2023. This way you won't have to worry about anything and you can enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

Depending on the type of product, we have different transport services available, as well as different types of delivery.

We explain in detail how we will make the shipments:


Articles of smaller volume of the categories of: children's decoration, cots 60x120, textiles, accessories, minicots, Montessori 70x140 and mattresses, are sent by urgent transport agency (Seur, Tolosa and Pardo or Correos Express) and we will send them from 9 JANUARY 2023. However, if you prefer to receive them later, please let us know in the "COMMENT" section when placing your order, which week you would like to receive them.


Furniture from the categories: convertible cots, children's furniture and bathtub furniture, Montessori 90x200, etc. will be sent by transport service specialised in furniture logistics thus guaranteeing the best treatment during transport (they include floor lift, with or without assembly to choose from).

In this case, you will receive your order during the month of JANUARY 2023 (second fortnight). A few days before delivery, the agency will contact you to arrange the day and time slot that suits you best for the delivery of your furniture. Remember that in this service we will take the furniture home and leave it in the room you indicate or we will assemble it for you if you ask us to do so.

Large volume furniture orders received before 5 DECEMBER 2022, will still be sent before the holidays, for delivery during this month. If you place your order after that date, it will be shipped from the first FIFTEEN of JANUARY 2023.

If you want it for later, indicate it in the "COMMENT" section when confirming the order and we will wait to send it a few weeks before the date you prefer, we will keep it for you until that date.


We inform you that on the 26th of DECEMBER 2022 our offices and warehouses will be closed.

We will have CUSTOMER SERVICE during the REST OF DECEMBER by chat, phone or email, to help you with your queries or doubts.

We will attend to all your orders when you return.

Happy Holidays!