Made in Spain

FURNITURE for today's needs with old-school values

ALONDRA®. Baby and children's furniture made in Spain

We are lucky to work in a sector where Spain is world-renowned.

So if you don't mind, let's take the opportunity to do a bit of self-promotion ;-).

In case you didn't know, our country is one of the most important European manufacturers of furniture and textiles.

That is why a great deal of famous and prestigious global brands from the baby sector establish a distribution network in our country.

But above all, human values.

In our production, we focus on artisanal and customised processes, rather than on reaching a large volume.

And we are proud and honoured that baby and children's furniture and childcare products manufactured in Spain have achieved worldwide recognition, with our country being one of the main exporters of this product category.

At Alondra® we follow all European safety standards for the production of our furniture and kds' products. Was there any doubt?

This sounds great, but do you actually know what it means?

Passing a safety inspection guarantees that you, as a consumer, will be enjoying a high-quality product that is safe and sleep-conducive. The articles you purchase will be free of chemicals or allergens and environmenally-friendly.

That is why our products are highly valued and, since sharing is living, we deliver them to many other countries in the world, so they can also enjoy our high-quality furniture, while our business keeps growing, of course.

By aligning our production with the values for which Spain's brand is recognised for:

⭐ We have become a design benchmark.

⭐ We select the best raw materials.

⭐ Every piece of furniture is lovingly and painstakingly produced.

⭐ This is the way to go, we have no doubt about it.


Alondra's baby furniture, made in Valencia, Spain, is word-renowned and we are convinced that what has gotten us so far is a compromise between three key features:

Quality, design and safety.

Thanks to this winning combination, Spanish furniture is in high demand.

We have already told you about our handcrafted production, based on skills and knowledge that have been passed on from one generation to another.

Our elders taught us to love this job and we do things the way they used to.