Payment Methods

4 safe options to pay for your purchases onn ALONDRA ONLINE

We know that you like to do things your way. You may be one of those who have their credit card handy at all times, and know its number better than your home address. Perhaps you prefer bank transfers. Or you may have been named president of PayPal's fan club. Ah, también hemos pensado en ti si te gusta una cuota más que una siesta y quieres pagar cómodamente a plazos.

At Alondra, we want you to be able to keep doing things your way. So here is our buffet of payment options.


Credit card payment:


You can pay the total purchase amount with your Visa, 4B or MasterCard cards.

Select this payment method and, at the end of the purchase process, our system will redirect you to a secure virtual POS terminal.

Depending on your card issuer, you may need a specific PIN for online purchases. The POS will connect with your bank, who will ask you for the necessary data to validate the transaction.


Bank transfer payment:


Do you feel it is safer to pay by bank transfer? Done! You can transfer the total amount of your purchase to one of our bank accounts.

When placing your order, select one of the banks we work with and you will receive the account number by email. Remember that we NEED you to indicate the order number shown in the order confirmation in your wire transfer.

We are afraid we cannot accept checks or any other deposits.


Payment in instalments:


If you are looking for fast, secure and interest-free financing, Aplázame is the most convenient solution.

It is processed entirely online, so you will know immediately if your application has been accepted.

In two simple steps you can enter all your personal and debit card details. Then you can validate your purchase.

Please note that the delivery time of your order will start from the day after approval.

More information about this payment method? Of course! Visit the Aplázame website and find out all about it:


Paypal payment:


Do you have a PayPal account? If that is the case, you are well aware that it is convenient, fast and very safe. That is why at ALONDRA you can also use this payment method.

Easy peasy. At the end of your order, you will access your secure Paypal Account and, after verifying the details of your purchase, proceed to issue the payment. Ready!

Don't you have an account? No problem! You can create it in a jiffy with a credit card.

SIf you want to know everything about this payment method, here is Paypal's website:


We are sorry, but we DO NOT offer COLLECT ON DELIVERY payment

Can I purchase online and pay in a brick-and-mortar store?

We cannot offer you this service yet



Please be aware that ALONDRA will never store or process your credit card details. Your data will be secure and encrypted when submitted to the bank's POS Terminal.

Because safety comes first! ;-).