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ALONDRA online, as reliable as your bank's website


We all like surprises, but on our birthday ...

When you buy online, you want to know what will happen after typing the 20 numbers on your card;)

New technologies are here to stay and make our lives much easier. Therefore, for your online purchases to have a happy ending, security is paramount.

In Alondra Online you will have peace of mind.

We want you to know that we comply with all the requirements for a secure purchase and, furthermore, we offer you different solutions so your orders on our store feel right.

Laws, regulatory agencies, arbitration systems ... This section may not be fun, but it is all for your safety



Online Trust:

Alondra Online is a member of this body, in charge of supervising and regulating e-commerce. This means that Alondra complies with the "Code of Ethics on E-Commerce and Interactive Advertising".

It is also a member of the National Consumer Arbitration System, just like any brick-and-mortar store. In other words, in case of conflict, you can be sure that OnlineTrust will look after your interests as an Alondra Online customer.

If you want more information on the role Online Trust plays in e- commerce, click here.



Alondra Online also complies with the LSSI (Act governing information society and electronic commerce services).

This law regulates the different commercial activities carried out on the internet.

If you want to know more about the LSSI, click here.




Privacy Policy:

Alondra treats your data with the utmost respect and strictly complies with the Spanish Data Protection Act (L.O.P.D 15/1999). In this area we do not accept half measures.

More details can be found here.


Secure server:

We may tell you that our server is secure, but you can check by yourself which actions we have implemented to guarantee your peace of mind.

Alondra has a 256-bit secure server so that every time you browse the registration or purchase areas, nobody else can see your data.

Our page incorporates the SSL protocol, which is the one chosen by banks and other organizations to guarantee the confidentiality of the data you send.

You can check the security of your connection yourself, since you will be able to read "https" (secure connection) in the address bar, instead of "http" (normal connection).

And you will also see that in the status bar there is a lock. If you double-click on that padlock, a box will open where the Security Certificate issued by UTN-USER First-Hardware for Alondra Online is reported.


So these are our magic tricks

parto make our website a super safe place.



Some of the things we have told you may sound like gibberish to you. Don't worry, it's only natural ;). If you want to know more or would like us us to clarify any questions about our security systems, please contact our technical department at the following email