3 advantages of the changing table-baby bath for which you should opt for this basic piece of furniture

If you are choosing furniture for your baby's nursery, let us advise you on an essential accessory that you will appreciate having close by when the little one is born. We are talking about the baby changing table-bath convertible into a chest of drawers . It seems simple, however, it will be very useful when cleaning and changing the little one.

Why buy a changing table with a bathtub for the baby?

Surely when you start using it you will find many more benefits, but we want to tell you about some advantages that will surely make you decide on one:

Order and storage . It will surely be one of the most important benefits that a baby changing table-bathtub brings you. When cleaning the little one, you will need to have a series of utensils and accessories necessary for their care and hygiene very close and as close at hand as possible. Diapers, wipes or handkerchiefs, creams...

With a bathtub changing table you can store all these things that your little one will need during their personal hygiene. If you have a changing table with storage space, you will not have to store all these objects in different spaces in your room or, worse still, in another room in the house.

This will also allow you to have everything at hand and in order so that you know exactly where everything is. This way you will not run the risk of having to move the little one with you if you have to go to another place to pick up what you have forgotten, since you should not leave it alone at that moment under any circumstances.

comfort . A changing unit with a baby bath is much more comfortable for parents, since this type of furniture is at the perfect height to be able to manipulate the baby when bathing, changing and cleaning it. It will not be necessary to resort to a bed or a table, for example, which are not specifically designed for the task of cleaning the baby.

And, of course, also, in relation to the first advantage. It will always be much more comfortable and easier to change and shower the baby if you have everything you need nearby . In this way you will not have to make a mental list of everything you should take to the little one's toilet area, because everything will be ready to use at any time.

Control (of the baby) . Baby changing tables are designed for them, for this reason you will always clean your little one in a specific environment that is specially designed for this moment . This will allow you to have more control over him and the situation, which will make the task much easier and help you finish faster.

Alondra baby changing table with bath

Bath furniture with baby changing table convertible into a chest of drawers

One of Alondra's most recent novelties is the baby bathtub-changer unit that converts into a chest of drawers (2in1) .

One of the most striking features of this baby changing table is that it is convertible . We want to highlight this peculiarity of the furniture because bathtub furniture is normally used during the baby's first months. However, Alondra's baby changing table is convertible into a chest of drawers (includes 4 legs for its transformation), so you can use it to complete the baby's children's room and obtain more storage.

The baby changing unit with bathtub is equipped with four drawers with a soft close system . The top drawer cannot be opened as it is where the changing pad and foam are placed. The rest of the drawers have enough storage space for all the baby's little things.

At Alondra we recommend using our foam changing mat (ref. R-VE1) with any of the adjustable bath covers with terry cloth included (ref. 633) . They are available in different patterns and colors, so you can choose the one that best suits the decoration and style of the baby's room.

These are the models that you can choose from our catalog of changing tables with Alondra convertible baby bath , in different color combinations:

Alondra brand bathtub furniture with changing table


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