The best convertible crib with height-adjustable bed base

You were crying out for it, and here it is! We present you the new model of a convertible crib with a height-adjustable bed base : the INSIDE convertible crib , available in 10 different color combinations. Do you want to know more about her? Keep reading and we'll tell you!

Why buy a convertible crib with an adjustable bed base ?

Convertible crib with adjustable mattress When the baby is born, the crib is one of the pieces of furniture that cannot be missing, as it will provide a place where you can sleep comfortably and safely throughout the night.

Normally, for the first months of the baby, many parents tend to opt for a 3-in-1 convertible mini-crib or 60x120cm crib, since it is more practical to have in the parents' room and have the baby always watched.

However, there comes a time when the baby grows and the newborn crib is too small for him, so he will need a larger crib or bed. For this reason, we believe that buying a convertible crib with a height-adjustable bed base is a very good option , since being a compact piece of furniture, all in one and with various functions, it will allow you to have a unique space with which to develop and grow.

Convertible cribs into beds have various functions, and can be used from the birth of the baby to approximately 18 years of age. In addition to the cot, the 70x140cm convertible cot models have a changing table with drawers, several shelves, as well as a lower trundle bed or drawers (to choose). In addition, the INSIDE model allows you to adjust the bed base to 5 different heights . In this way, you will be able to agree to leave the baby in the crib more easily. It can even be used during the first months, for those parents who want the baby to start sleeping in their own room.

lower part of the convertible cot with adjustable base

Being convertible, it offers you a great advantage, and that is that, when you turn 3 years old, you can remove the crib barrier and add a junior barrier and an optional step-toy box so that the baby can climb up and down on his own. the cradle In this way, you will obtain an intermediate stage that will allow the baby's autonomy to develop.

Intermediate stage convertible cot Inside

After turning 5 years old, you will be able to turn the crib into a youth room complete with a 90x200cm bed, a table with 2 drawers, a desk and a book shelf.

Junior stage convertible cot inside

Although the initial investment is higher, all this translates into long-term money savings , since you only have to buy a piece of furniture with different functions that adapts to the development of the child.

Aspects to choose the best convertible crib

With so many brands and designs of cribs, it can be a challenge to choose the ideal convertible crib for your baby. Next, we will list the 3 most important aspects that you should take into account before purchasing the best convertible crib:

  • Resistance and quality : being an object with a long durability, it will be important to choose a model of medium-high quality and resistance. This will prevent it from lasting less than the desired time.
  • Timeless design : keep in mind that, as it is a piece of furniture that you are going to use until the baby's adolescence, it is important that it have a simple and timeless design, without childish motives.
  • Safety regulations : make sure that the cot-bed to be purchased complies with the appropriate European regulations. In the following link you can see what are the necessary requirements for a safe crib .

We leave you other crib options to furnish your future baby's room: guide to choose the best crib for the baby .


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