How to put the bumper in a convertible crib

How to put the bumper in a convertible crib Alondra 1st December 2020

After receiving our products you may have doubts about how to put the bumper on your Alondra convertible crib. Don't worry because it's very simple and quick to solve! 

At Alondra we work hard every day to design and think about everything you may need for your little one's well-being. But we also love to advise mums and dads to offer the best solutions and recommendations to get the most out of our products.  

For this reason, we think about all the details so that our furniture is as functional and durable as possible. But above all, we believe that the safety of the little ones is what matters most to us in this world. 

Find out how to put the bumper in your Alondra convertible crib

Once you receive your Alondra crib linen you should make sure it contains all the necessary elements for fitting the bumper. Among the components, with the textile products you have chosen, are the velcro fasteners needed to attach the bumper to the cot.

What steps should I follow to attach the bumper to the convertible crib?

1 Find the separate velcro fasteners that come with your Alondra product.


 To make it easier to fit, at Alondra we recommend inserting the bumper ribbons inside the loop on the velcro.

Once you have passed them through the two loop holes, you only need to tie a knot in the ribbons, or a bow. Like this you will secure the bumper completely.


 The last thing to do is to attach the bumper to the cot. To do this, first of all, put the bumper on your convertible crib.

Secondly, peel off the paper from each velcro cutout that will allow to stick the adhesive to the smooth side of the cot. 

And finally, stick the back side of the adhesive velcro at the appropriate height according to the structure of your Alondra product.  



Alondra's advice

Before sticking the velcro you can mark or foresee at what height and in what position it's best to put it so that it does not show. By doing this, you will avoid having to remove it if you don't like the way it looks.

However, you can do the same laying process by altering steps two and three.  

In this case, you can first measure and mark the height at which you should stick the velcro and then stick it on. Remember to mark it with the bumper as a reference, so that you won't fail when it comes to sticking it on! ; ). 

And the last step is to place the bumper inside the crib and tie the ribbons to the velcro loop previously glued.  

You can choose the attachment method that is easiest for you!

Alondra products that need the velcro to attach the cot bumper

At Alondra we also manufacture the textiles with the utmost love and care to make them an indispensable addition to our catalogue.  

We have as many designs as you can imagine. So you will allways be able to find the one that matches perfectly with the rest of your little one's room. 

These are the three Alondra textiles you need for each crib model

How to put the bumper in the cot

If you visit our website you will find all the textile models available, but now we will tell you the three basic ones and the combinations that we make for each of our cribs. Don't miss any detail! 


The protector 627 is for 70x140 cm cribs and includes four velcros. As cots of this size have two side with rails it's not necessary to use all the velcro. Only two would be necessary for the headboard.  

However, this model (627) it is also used for the 70x140 cm convertible cribs. In this case, you can use all four velcro at once or keep a spare. It's not necessary to use all of them, as the up and down railing allows to tie the ribbons to its bars.

How to put the bumper to the cot C160
 How to fit the bumper in the convertible crib 70x140 without raling

On the other hand, the cot bumper 607 is for 60x120 cm cots and also includes four velcro straps. As in the previous case, the cots with these dimensions they have two sides with railing to which the bumper ribbons can be tied directly.  

Bumper for cots of 60x120cm


The cot bumper 607 also can be used for 60x120 cm convertible cribsYou can use all four velcro ribbons at once, or keep a spare one and tie the remaining ribbons to the railing bars.  

OMNI cot with bumper 60x120

How to put a bumper on a convertible crib 60x120 without railing


Finally, the textile set 650 for co-sleeping crib of 80x50 cm includes two velcro fasteners. These are used to attach the bumper to the headboard of the little bed.

As you can imagine, this textile set is made up of different pieces. Firstly, the crib outfit which includes the bumper with three sides and another protector for the mobile side of the crib. Both with their corresponding fastening straps.  

EQUO CRIB 50x80 with bumper

Textile set for crib of 50x80


The second piece of the crib outfit is the duvet with removable filling. And lastly, the anti-suffocation mattress which is very important during the baby's first months of life.  

Now you know how to put the bumper in your convertible crib. But with the Alondra textile masterclass, you will also be an expert of the cot bumpers! ; ). 


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