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Plasticized anti-suffocation crib mattress 80x53x5cm · Z80-670
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Co-sleeper memory foam mattress (50x80cm) · ZY50-80
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Plasticized anti-suffocation crib mattress 80x53x5cm · Z80-670
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Cot and Junior mattresses

A wide array of mattresses for baby convertible cribs, cotbeds, junior beds and co-sleeping cots, in sizes 60x120cm, 70x140cm and 90x200. Find the right mattress to ensure safe and comfortable sleep for your baby or kid. Choose among the different sizes and materials available for co-sleepers, Montessori beds and junior beds.

When buying a cot mattress it's important to take into account several aspects, as it can contribute significatnly to the correct child's development: the mattress should be firm, it should be also breathable ... It's very important to look closely at the composition to choose the one that best suits your baby's needs, as well as the best for his/her health. At Alondra we have 2 types of mattresses: viscoelastic and organic. Check out its main characteristics below:

❥ Viscoelastic mattress: adapts to the body's shape and recovers its original shape.

❥ Organic mattress: prevents moisture and is breathable.

The cot mattress must be comfortable, with an optimum degree of firmness, to avoid sudden infant death syndrome. It should fit exactly in the cot's interior space without any gaps.

At Alondra we have cot mattresses in different sizes. Our kids mattresses are manufactured in different sizes so that they adapt to the sizes of the cots on the market and to ours. There are 50x80, 60x120 (this is the standard one) and 70x140 cots. There are also beds of 90x200 and 90x190cm (which are convertible).

Depending on the cot you have bought, you will have to choose the right mattress for it. It's very important that you don't choose mattresses which are smaller than the cot, because there could be gaps where the baby could put the head in and get trapped, something extremely dangerous.

Yes, it's highly recommended, bearing in mind that the mattress cannot be washed. It's better to choose one that is waterproof so that liquids do not get through it.

Memory foam cot mattresses are one of the mattresses that offer the greatest durability with simple care. But that doesn't mean that we should forget about it. With a simple daily maintenance we can optimise its durability and properties. It's very simple, we will explain how and what to do.

Memory foam mattresses have qualities that make them non-deformable, greater breathability compared to other materials and types of mattresses. As we all know, mattresses should be turned over from time to time to match their wear and tear, no matter what size they are, whether they are for babies, children, juniors or married couples.

Memory foams don't need a great ventilation or special transpiration, so they offer us the comfort of being able to install them on any type of support, such as an upholstered base, a board or a slatted bed base.

The heat generated by the baby's body while sleeping can reduce the quality of rest if it's not ventilated from time to time. A mattress that is not ventilated gives back the heat that has been transmitted, whereas if it's well ventilated, it will regulate the temperature, helping the baby to sleep better. The composition of the padding, which are the first layers that are in contact with our skin, play a fundamental role in the breathability of the mattress, so it's necessary to follow some simple but very important tips:

❥ The bedroom should be ventilated regularly, preferably dily, by opening the windows.

❥ Do not leave the mattress exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

❥ Don't put sharp or excessively heavy objects on it.

❥ Avoid (as far as possible) children jumping on the mattress.

❥ Regarding the mattress cleaning, you can use a damp cloth to clean it, always letting it air to dry perfectly, you can also clean the dust with a hand vacuum cleaner.

Our organic mattresses for babies are made with natural soya oils, free of pesticides and substances harmful to health. Breathable and hygienic. In addition, they help prevent sudden infant death.

The fabric has an anti-bacterial treatment that keeps the mattress in optimal hygienic conditions for longer and prevents the appearance of bad odors.

Here are some recommendations to follow for the proper use and care of your organic mattress:

❥ It's recommended to change the position of the mattress, at least once every 2 months, changing from head to toe (not from top to bottom, unless reversibility is indicated) in order to use the entire mattress and prolong its lifespan.

❥ Check that your base is in good condition so as not to damage your new mattress. We recommend using a base, box spring or bed base of the same size as the mattress.

❥ It's important to use mattress covers that isolate it from external damage.

❥ It's not recommended to fold the mattress, stand up or jump on it.

❥ You should avoid it from direct contact with the sun and air, since being biodegradable accelerates its aging prematurely.

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