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At Alondra we have spent years ctrying to make the dreams of many families around the world come true, contributing our bit in the rooms of the little ones ... This has led us to have a large portfolio of clients loyal to our brand and all that it entails: quality , design and confidence.

Furniture designed to grow with the baby and adapted to the needs of parents, who after all are the ones who decide how they want to furnish their little angel's room.

What are the reviews of Alondra's customers?

Commode con estilo

You can see the quality of the materials, it's sturdy and you can see it in the finish. It looks beautiful in the room. The drawers are not very high, but as it's for baby clothes I prefer like that and to have many drawers as is the case in this model. Of course, they are quite long, so the capacity is good.

The assembly can be a bit tedious, however by following the instructions correctly, it's possible to assemble it without many complications (they indicate that it can be assembled in 30 min., although it took us some hours during several days). We found it difficult to assemble the drawers but we solved it easly thanks to the help we requested.

The after-sales service is very good, we received an incorrect part and they immediately replaced with the correct one.

See Style dresser

- Elena Tosca -

Un excellent achat et un résultat imbattable

Being already in the 20th week of pregnancy, we started looking for a cot that would meet our expectations, both for quality, aesthetics and that would last for many years. We immediately found Alondra's convertible crib, which we had already seen on social networks and it was what we wanted. Finally, we decided on the Kurve Premium, especially for the design and the guarantees that they explained to us when we contacted the customer service department. They explained everything to us and it was perfectly in line with what we were looking for. It's a big investment, but it's future-proof and it looks better than it does in photos or on the web. I did the assembly myself, and I had hardly any complications, and it was a great pleasure to assemble it and see the result.

I'm sure it is one of the best convertible cribs on the market, and whoever is in the same situation as my wife and I were, I recommend it 100%, you won't regret.

See Kurve Premium convertible crib

- Manuel et Laura -

Belle et fonctionnelle

After evaluating several options, we decided on this cot and it has been a great choice. The cot is beautiful, simple and functional, because you can adjust the height and extend the life of the product, as we wanted to be able to continue using it after the cot stage. The advice has been very good, they have answered all our questions and the assembly of the cot has been simple and intuitive. The products come perfectly packed and the delivery time is quite acceptable. In addition, we bought more products from this site and we are delighted with everything. Of course, it has become a trusted store for us.

See Omni White co-sleeping crib

- Sara Ortega -

Trés pratique, facile � assembler et � déplacer

We were recommended this Equo co-sleeping crib by some friends who were using it and I think we were totally right. It's very simple to assemble and the instructions are fully detailed, apart from watching the video they have of assembly instructions. At the moment we are using it as a co-sleeping crib and as a crib when we take it out of the room, which is not very often. It fits through the door and the wheels are perfect. We will use it for other functions later, thank you.

See Equo Life co-sleeping crib

- Marc Frutos -

Belle, bonne qualité et bon service � la clientéle

We bought the homy xl bed and it's beautiful, perfect for the little ones and not so little ones and it looks of very good quality. The customer service is very good, they explain anything at the moment, very helpful.

See Montessori Homy XL Galaxy bed

- Patricia Moreiras -

J'ai trouvé tout ce que je cherchais, un produit imbattable.

I was looking for a cot to give as a gift that would be useful for more than just the first year. After researching different manufacturers, I decided on Alondra. At first I had my doubts, since buying such an important product for the baby via internet and at a high cost made me to distrustful. But thanks to Alondra on the contrary, they solved all my doubts and I received all the necessary information both before, during and after picking up the product. A very pleasant shopping experience!

As for the cot, it's of high quality and easy to assemble. In 15 minutes we had everything ready :). All the elements for its construction arrived in perfect condition and well packed. They did not suffer any damage in transport. We were also lucky that he arrived earlier than expected.

Finally, I would like to point out that the textile accessories we choose are just as shown in the photo and with a very pleasant touch for the baby. I think our little niece will love her cot as much as her parents will do, and they will be able to enjoy it for many years in all its different conversions. We will repeat for sure, thank you very much!

See co-sleeping crib Omni White 60x120cm

- Amaia MTJ -

De qualité et trés pratique pour le co-sleeping

We bought this crib in a store in Barcelona, as some friends of ours had the same model but in pink and we liked it. In grey it's beautiful, the paint and the qualities are very good. What I liked the most is that we will use it both as a co-sleeping crib and then as a bed for some more time, in the end I think that we will use it as a kids couch for a while and then as a desk to do homework, it'very practical and we will take advantage of all or almost all its stages. At the moment we are using it as a co-sleeping and it's very practical, as they well indicate it's better to put the foam mattress of the co-sleeping on the inside and it's completely in line with the bed, a success. Best regards.

See co-sleeping crib 60x120 Omni Grey

- Pau Bcn -

Exactement ce que nous cherchons

We are first-time parents. The fact is that the babies' world is quite intense for us. That's why we were and are looking for products that we can amortize because we consider that we get more benefit from them. So, after a lot of searching I came across Alondra, and the convertible cribs were undoubtedly what caught my attention, as they seemed to me the best option. The truth is, I never buy anything without thinking about it for a long time. In the end we made up our minds, after considering all the options. And we are really very satisfied.

Product quality. 10/10

Assembly: Very well detailed instructions.

Assembly process: Long. I recommend patience and that the most knowledgeable member of the family assembles it.

The think I like the most: The versatility of the product!

See Sero Joy Mare convertible crib

- Paula Darder -

J'adore la collection Mare

The aquamarine colour adds a touch of warmth and serenity to the bedroom. I like the zipper detail on the duvet cover.

I bought two bumpers so that I could cover the entire crib and give my daughter more protection. The fabric is very soft and the filling is the perfect thickness to avoid bumps. What I like the most is the height, it prevents her arms or legs from slipping through the bars of the crib in the middle of the night.

The toy bag is ideal for storing all those cuddly toys and dolls that take up so much space. I think the basket is perfect for keeping nappies, wipes and / or creams close handy on the changing table. It keeps everything tidy.

The pennants look great on the wall to decorate the room with the Mare collection and the pillows are ideal to decorate the crib. What I like the most is their shape, it helps me to tell my daughter the goodnight story and that she can imagine and play with the star and the moon. The heart is always followed by a kiss.

I love the way the lamp fits in with the whole Mare set. The light is warm to allow some calrity in the room at night. What I liked the most is the Childsafe system. All safety for the little ones is important.

- Laura Alonso -

Trés bonne qualité

The quality of the products is very high. And if you combine them with other products of the same colour, the bedroom will look spectacular; a truly designer room. Finding this website has been a great success. I bought the Omni XL 70x140cm co-sleeping cot, with its sets of sheets, shelves, vinyls, the Indian teepee and many more things that make an exceptional set. Sooo happy.

See Omni XL Arosa co-sleeping crib

- César Bmx -

What are the most valued points by our customers?

These are the 5 points that our customers consider most important when choosing furniture from Alondra:

❥ Unbeatable quality of the furniture and textiles

❥ Unique customer service

❥ Efficient after-sales service

❥ Versatile and safe furniture for the baby

❥ Functionality and versatility