Lit évolutif pour jumeaux

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Lit bébé évolutif 60x120 cm > 90x200 cm pour jumeaux DUPLO
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Lits évolutifs pour jumeaux

Lits évolutifs en 60x120cm pour des chambres de jumeaux. Super fonctionnel! Nos Konvers pour jumeaux en 60x120 s'adaptent aux besoins de vos bébés d'après les étapes de leur développement. À partir d'un lit double pour jumeaux, vous obtiendrez 2 lits junior de 90x200cm et un bureau double.

Des lits jumeaux pour amoureux

The convertible crib for twins is made up of two compact 60x120cm cribs, joined together which can be converted into two 90x200cm junior beds and a double desk. You can place the two cribs together, so that the babies are next to each other, or you can buy a separator to place them separately, depending on the space available in the babies' room.

In Alondra we have a solution for everything, even for the most absent-minded or forgetful ;)

If you are missing some hardware, you have to contact the after-sales department by mail indicating the model of crib you have and the hardware that you're missing, so we can see if we have spare parts and give you the price of them. Once everything is clear, we will send them to the address you specify.

This same answer will be useful if you cannot find some hardware to reassemble it as a cot and / or they have deteriorated over time and you need spare parts.

Practicality first and foremost! The railing of the two 60x120cm cribs that make up the convertible twin crib can be moved up and down in 2 positions: a lower one to be able to access the cot easily and comfortably; and a higher one, so that the baby cannot get out.

To remove it completely you have to unscrew it. But, BEWARE! We do not recommend it, as it could break in the long run.

This kind of convertible cribs can be used practically from 0 until around 18 years old. However, unlike the 70x140cm convertible cribs, it's not necessary to use a co-sleeping crib or crib during the first year, as a newborn baby can sleep in it perfectly well.

From the 60x120cm convertible crib for twins you later will have the following pieces: 2 junior beds of 90x200cm and a double desk.

In contrast to the 70x140cm convertible cribs, the twin 60x120cm convertible cribs cannot have additional lower drawers in the crib stage, but they can be added in the room stage. You can buy 2 medium drawers or a large one, for more storage in the junior bed.