Do you know what time you should put your baby to bed?

Bedtime for the baby is another of the most frequent questions for new moms and dads once they receive the new member of the family at home. This topic can be considered quite delicate, since sleeping the necessary hours and resting well is related to the mood and health of the little ones.  

In order to correctly answer this question , we must first go step by step until we reach a clear and satisfactory conclusion. We assure you that at the end of the post you will know exactly what is the ideal time to put a baby to sleep.  

Let's start!

How many hours should my baby sleep?

This is the first question you will ask yourself, since depending on the hours your baby sleeps, you should put him to bed earlier or later. If you still didn't know, don't worry! because right now we give you the answer. However, first you should know that depending on the age of the child, certain hours of sleep are estimated.  

Now that you know the main thing, let's define how much a baby should sleep:

from 0 to 3 months

The first few months of the little one are more susceptible in terms of how they fall asleep. They have just arrived in the world and their sleep times are very characteristic and quite defined. Newborn babies sleep between 16 and 18 hours a day, in naps of 1-3 hours each.

From 3 months to 1 year

From three months to six months, a gradual decrease in the hours of sleep of the little ones is observed . Thus, from the fourth month he will sleep 12-16 hours . The same will happen from the sixth month until reaching one year of age, which will sleep between 13 and 15 hours .  

Naps in this period will also gradually reduce in time and number of times a day. They will take 1 to 4 half hour to 2 hour naps at a time.

from 1 to 2 years

When the little ones are one year old, their sleeping time is reduced to 11-14 hours , but now with a more regular schedule . Naps are cut back to one mid-morning and one in the afternoon. But, remember that the latter should be rather soon. You should avoid taking an afternoon nap close to bedtime .  

During this period, nocturnal awakenings will also be frequent, although the hours that you will remain asleep will increase.

3 to 5 years

And we continue with the reduction of sleep time! During these years the little one will sleep between 10 and 13 hours a day , with a more regular schedule. Naps will become more and more dispensable, so you should occupy your time with various activities.  

Next, we leave you a summary table with the hours of sleep of babies:  

Sleep hours to know what time to put a baby to bed

Once you know the hours of sleep that the little ones in the house need, you already have the basis to know for sure what time to put a baby to bed. Next , we explain why.

What is the baby's bedtime?

Alondra ergo chair for baby bedtime

Now that you know the estimated hours that your little one should sleep , the answer to the big question is much easier to deduce. Of course, the ideal time to put a baby to sleep will depend on what time you need to wake up . If you have to go to kindergarten or school, for example , it will be easier to set the schedules.

Based on his age and the time he needs to be ready, you should calculate the best time to put your baby to sleep. For example, if your two-year-old has to be ready at nine in the morning and needs an hour of preparation before leaving home, you should put him to bed at 9:00 p.m. In this way, he will sleep for at least 11 hours, although if you want to give him a little more time, you can put him to bed for around 20 hours.  

Of course, all this will also depend on the hours of sleep that the boy or girl really needs , since not all children require the same hours to be with very charged batteries. In addition, the time of the nap and the number of you are also influences. If, with the previous example, the little one takes two naps a day of one hour each, the approximate hours of sleep at night will be reduced to 12.

Create routines and get the ideal schedule for your family

Routines are important to everyone, big and small. However, the little ones in the house are doing great to have fixed schedules that provide security and order in their lives.  

One of the most important routines is the one that prepares them for bedtime. A bath, dinner and a story before going to bed can be key for children to know how to identify that the time for night's rest has arrived .  

Alondra advises you  

It is very important not to scold children by threatening to go to sleep , as they will associate the action with something negative. Then it will be when bedtime becomes a bad nightmare, not only for the little ones , but also for the parents , because it will be difficult for them to see it again as something positive and necessary .

sleep in newborn babies

As you already know, newborn babies have a more particular dream. They need many hours of rest dosed in naps throughout the day. Although in this case his needs are more demanding , you can slowly introduce your little angel into family routines . 

During the day there will be more stimulation and noise around him , while when it starts to get dark, try to establish a much calmer environment around him . So you can start to set the normal rhythm of life, so that he gets used to it.  

To make sleeping moments more special, both during the day and at night, you can create a little corner in the little one's room to cradle him in your arms . To do this, you can install a nursing chair next to a table with a lamp near his crib , to personally regulate the light at all times .  

The nursing chairs are perfect for putting the little ones to sleep, in addition to being spectacular in their room and creating a sweeter atmosphere , if possible. At Alondra we have three types of armchairs, each one with a different design, but all of them can be turned into a very comfortable rocking chair!  

nursing chair for baby to sleep

Alondra's Glam , Sogno and Ergo armchairs are perfect for achieving a correct and comfortable posture , both for mommy or daddy, as well as for the baby. This is one of the secrets that we tell you in theadvice guide for sleeping a newborn baby . Check it out, follow the guidelines and practice it!

Alondra options so that bedtime is a dream

The pleasant and restful sleep of babies is something that worries us a lot at Alondra. Offering them a safe, comforting and comfortable place to sleep is one of our greatest pleasures. For this reason we bring you some of our best options for your rest.  

Do we see them?

Always keep your baby close with the EQUO co-sleeping crib

During the baby's first weeks, up to approximately six months, it is a good idea to always keep him close, as he will need more supervision . For this reason, at Alondra we like to recommend our 50x80 cm EQUO 5-in-1 co-sleeping crib . It is a little bed that adapts to its size and has wheels to move it around the house.  

In addition to being a conventional crib, it can also be used to practice safe co-sleeping . This is because the bed has seven different heights for the box spring and includes a set of anchoring straps to perfectly attach the crib to the large bed .  

mini co-sleeping cot EQUO time to sleep baby

On the other hand, once your little one stops using the EQUO mini-cradle to sleep, you can transform it into a small sofa or a desk . Finally, it also becomes a very practical toy box . The best thing about our evolutionary furniture is that it grows with your little one and is functional for much longer .

Bet on a convertible crib and don't spend more on furniture for the future

At Alondra we always say that our convertible cribs are a long-term solution . That's right. These types of beds offer you everything you need to keep things close at hand when your little one is still a baby . And, when it is already big, the furniture evolves with it and becomes the essential furniture for a youth room.  

Our most complete transformable cribs belong to the Sero range of 70x140 cm cribs . Due to their size, they are able to combine in the same piece of furniture a greater amount of space that will later be transformed when necessary.  

The 70x140 cm convertible cribs reach three stages of growth of children. In the first you offer the cradle; a three-drawer dresser with a changing area on top; a shelf next to the bed; a book shelf on the side and, at the bottom, two drawers for storage or a trundle bed. You can choose between these two options at checkout.  

ideal time to put a baby to sleep in a Sero Joy convertible crib

For the intermediate stage , you simply have to remove the railing and you get a child's bed. Optionally, and for the little one to have better access and safety , you can purchase a toy-ladder and our safety barrier . The best thing about this stage is that it will facilitate the transition of the boy or girl in the change from the crib to the older bed.  

The third stage of the crib consists in the complete transformation of the furniture to a youth room. In this way, you get a 90x200 cm bed, a nightstand, a desk and a bookcase on wheels.  

You already have all the keys to know what time the baby is going to sleep . If you put these tips into practice, you will make sure that your little one has the best rest possible . And, above all, try to always carry out the same routines and schedules to offer your little angel the stability it deserves . You will thank yourself in the long run!  

See you very soon with more tips and advice ! 😉 .  


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