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How long will your baby sleep in a crib? Are you planning on co-sleeping? How much space do you have in the child's room? Are you going to have more children? ... These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when choosing your baby's cot, since depending on the answer, one model may be more convenient for you than others.

At Alondra we have several models of baby cots, in different sizes and with different features, available in multiple colours and designs. Do you want to check them out?

Colección de muebles infantiles en verde-oliva

For those looking for practicality

You can choose one baby cot with the traditional size 60x120cm, which you can use since your baby comes home until the little one turns 3 years.

Most 60x120cm cots on the market have wheels. Due to its size, this type of bot is perfect to move around the house. It allows you to have your baby in your room during the first months and move it to the child's bedroom at a later stage.

Alondra's baby cots 60x120cm: C150 cot, Omni cot-desk, Nexo / Nexor cot-desk.

Cuna convertible gemelar blanca con 2 barandillas sube-baja

Twin cribs for a double welcome

Are you expecting twins? What you need is our Duplo convertible twin crib 60x120cm. It is composed by two compact 60x120cm cots that are joined together and can be converted into two 90x200cm size junior beds and a double desk.

Thanks to their transformation features, the two convertible cribs for twins can be used until your two little ones become teenagers. They will be able to share all their adventures both during the day and at night.

For those looking for durability

If what you are looking for is a cot that lasts more than 3 years, you can choose one of our 70x140cm cot-beds. These 70x140cm cots can be transformed into a toddler bed and grow according to your baby's needs.

If you choose this size, you will need a crib for the baby's first months, since this type of cot is recommended after the baby is one year old.

Alondra's cot beds 70x140cm: C160 cot bed, Omni XL cot bed, Kurve cot bed.

Cunas Montessori

The most original Montessori cot hut ever designed

Are you looking for a cot in the shape of a house? Discover our AUNA 70x140cm Montessori house-cot. A cottage-shaped cot 70x140cm in size, convertible into up to 4 different pieces of furniture up to 4 different pieces of furniture: toddler bed, floor-level Montessori bed and co-sleeping cot.

Thanks to its transformation, you will be able to use this cot model for much longer and have a very cool and original children's bedroom that everyone will want to have!

The perfect all-in-one for your baby!

You can choose a 60x80cm baby crib that converts into a cot and a 70x140cm bed, to be used for a long time!

With this model of crib and cot all-in-one, you can cover the growth of your baby, up to 6 or 8 years. Includes all the accessories for conversion. Use it as a crib 55x70cm for the first 4-6 months the first 4-6 months of the newborn baby and as a cot or bed size 70x140cm from 6 months onwards.

In addition, as an option, we give you the possibility of transforming it into a large co-sleeping cot 70x140cm, so you can keep your little one close at night.

Comprar cunas para bebés originales

Lo sabemos, hay muchos modelos de cunas, con muchas características y detalles diferentes. Pero no hay duda que todas ellas tienen ese toque de originalidad que estás buscando para la habitación de tu futuro bebé. Desde minicunas-cunas convertibles, cunas en forma de casita, cunas colecho... ¡y mucho más!

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